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José Fernando MX Flag

Chiapas, Mexico
Backer/Kitchen Staff

Hi everyone, my name is Fernando I am 25 years old, an experimental cook, focused in baking and pastry, I have a bacherlors degree in culinary arts and a masters in bussines administration. I am from the south of Mexico. This summer I am coming back as kitchen staff. I am in charge of making the birthday cakes and desserts for the campers and staff, but also I help the kitchen crew with the main meals. I have spent 3 summers at adirondack camp. What I love the most about camp is living in the forest far away from technology, seeing people enjoying the activities, I also love some water sports and meeting new people. I am very patient, and I know how to solve any problem that comes on my way, I am very friendly and I like to share my knowledge and teach what I know. This summer I want to teach the others how to make healthy and tasty meals and have a lot of fun of course.