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Mexico FlagVeracruz City, Mexico


Hello my name is Juan, I am 19 years old and am from Veracruz City, Mexico. I am currently studying international business management at Universidad del Valle de México. I have a great sense of humor, I’m always laughing out loud, I love to sing loud as well even that I’m terrible. I love to skate down the boulevard next to the beach in the evening, I love gym and running as well, I love soccer even tho I’m not that good and also I love playing the piano

This will be my first summer in Adirondack so I’m so excited. I want to share my values, my sense of humor, my friendship and my responsibility. I’d love to be like a camper during my free time, enjoy those beautiful paisajes and play and have fun with the campers. In the dinning room, I’ll be there any time a camper needs me, In my free time I can show them how to play soccer or drawing, even if they like I can show them Spanish.