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England FlagBournemouth, England


Hi, my name is Caleb I am 20 years old from Bournemouth, England. I am currently on a gap year before starting at The Bristol University where I will major in Business management and Marketing.

Since October 2022 I have been travelling through Australia working in some of the most amazing jobs and meeting incredible people. During this time I bought a car and drove the entire East Coast stopping in places like Byron Bay, Port Macquarie, Surfers Paradise to name a few. I also spent time in Western Australia on a farm where I had the opportunity to drive a tractor, work with horses, cows and sheep, cart bays of hay and gain a great understanding into the farming of crops.

However, it was during my time in Sydney I learned of Camp America. I attended a fair where I met with the amazing Chris and was employed on the spot. On the peninsula I will be working in Athletics. This will be my first time in America so I hope to have an amazing summer full of laughter and fun. Growing up I attended summer camp each year and the friendships which I formed throughout camp have truely been long-lasting. I hope to form more amazing friendships and continue on this path of personal growth and development. I want to become a inspirational person and push myself in new situations. I have a passion for sports and look forward to sharing it with you.