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Flag USACornwall, Vermont


En Garde!

Hi, my name is Colton, and I was born in San Diego, California, 21 years ago, though I now live in nearby Cornwall, Vermont. I recently earned my Moniteur d’Epeé certification from the US Fencing Coaches Association and I am studying for the same in Foil fencing as well. I love the outdoors and surf and swim; I even earned my lifeguard certification last year at Camp! I am also a classically trained musician and played Oboe for five years in an orchestra, but now I mostly play Guitar. Above all though, my favorite pastime is Fencing, which I have enjoyed for the past 10 years, competed for the last 4, and for which this will be my 2nd summer teaching at Adirondack Camp.

Summer camp may not have been in the cards for me growing up, but I have seen here at Adirondack Camp how it can help kids explore new and exciting activities, create strong and unlikely friendships, and free them to find and express themselves to their fullest. This summer, I hope to show campers what they can be capable of, be it distance swims, singing campfire songs, or sword fighting!