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Hungray FlagBudapest, Hunary


Hi, my name is Virág, and I’m from Budapest, Hungary. This is gonna be my second summer in camp and I’m gonna teach fencing!!

I really enjoy spending time in nature, reading, and learning interesting things and facts about literally anything.

Camp is a really important place for kids. Friendships are formed, special interests are discovered, and we are there to help them figure out themselves and the things they enjoy the most.

As a member of the staff, I feel responsible for supporting kids in activities they enjoy, even if they are total beginners. That’s how everyone starts anyway. The thing to keep in mind is that if you enjoy it, then it’s worth every minute.

I’m looking forward to meeting everyone again, and if you have any questions about Hungary, want to learn how to do a handstand or cartwheel, or want to search for cool rocks, I would be glad to help!