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I am 23 years old and I was born just outside Ann Arbor, Michigan and as a child my family moved to Orange County, California for my father’s job.

When I was three we moved back to the UK and we have lived in Warwickshire, in the Midlands, UK ever since. I live in a small town called Kenilworth which is famous for its Castle and Elizabethian gardens. As a family we enjoy traveling and have returned to the US on holidays as well as traveling to several countries in Europe, trying to absorb the scenery and history. After high school I went to College where I studied Photography. I will be the camp photographer for the third year running, as photography is my passion and I especially enjoy taking photographs of wildlife and people.

I enjoyed Adirondack Camp so much I am coming back again. I am looking forward to returning to Lake George as I know how beautiful it is. I can’t wait to immerse myself in camp life, to get involved with the vast array of activities, not just standing and taking photos.

My three favourite things apart from photography are nature, travel and trying new foods from different countries. Finally getting to spend my summer with you, surrounded by great views (from Anthony’s Nose) and even greater people.