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Hey everyone! I’m Jessy and this year I’ll be returning for my fourth summer as camp videographer! I’m 27 years of age and I live in Waipū, a small town in Northland, New Zealand. When I’m at home I work in a local plant-based cafe serving customers and making food and coffee. In my spare time I really enjoy cooking, meditation, hanging with my cat Tasha and enjoying a delicious Earl Grey cuppa tea.

I feel so grounded at camp, connection to the earth is something I value so much, and I really feel that at camp you can be your most authentic self, surrounded by life and energy, in the people and in nature. The things I love the most about camp are the sunsets, the smell of the campfire and the pure silly joy that arises inside you just by being there, it’s magical!

I love capturing the feel of camp, and the excitement of the campers in the weekly videos, I can’t wait to continue to do so, so campers and staff alike can look back on the best summer of their lives. I can’t wait to come home to the peninsula, see you all soon!