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Senior Mentor, Archery

Ron was introduced to archery by his father as a child over 50 years ago and has been unable to kick the habit ever since, though he admits that he has not tried very hard. He began coaching to share his passion for archery with others. “Nothing makes me happier than seeing our campers take up this sport and enjoy it the way I do, especially when they shoot well. It is a real thrill to receive a call from a parent asking where to buy equipment or find a coach near home because their camper enjoyed archery so much they want to shoot all year round.”

A USA Archery Level 4NTS Coach, Ron began his coach training at the US Olympic Center in Chula Vista, California and enjoys continuing his education as a coach. He also conducts classes for campers who are old enough to be certified as instructors themselves.
Ron has been the senior mentor for archery since 2001 and was recognized with the ADK Eagle award for service to camp. Ron is a licensed master falconer and campers love it when he brings his hawk with him to camp!

When Ron is not shooting he is designing equipment for radio and television stations. He lives in northwestern Vermont with his wife Cammie, trusty sidekick Wally (French Brittany) and Harris hawk Peewee. Fun fact: Ron and Cammie were married at camp.