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Water Skills

Hello guys, how are you? I am excited to meet you while I am going to tell you a couple of things about myself, my name is Giulio Damiano I come from Argentina and I went to high school at a school called FASTA Santo Domingo de Guzmán where I was on the swimming competition team there for 3 years ; then years later I did an international lifeguard career at EPSA ILS. I am very energetic, I love soccer and obviously water is my passion. I carry a first aid kit to all places in the camp, I am always prepared.

This year will be my second year in the Adirondacks as a swim teacher and lifeguard, always in the water because that’s what I like the most. In the camp you will feel excellent energy the first moment you arrive. It is a beautiful environment with very beautiful landscapes. My favorite part is the huge lake. I hope I can make them laugh a lot and have fun to the fullest, if you need help with something, contact me for whatever you need, we are always here to help you, we are looking forward to seeing you at the camp