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Hi everyone! I’m Aidan, I’m 20 and from a tiny village in the North of England. I’m in my second year of a Maths degree at the University of St Andrews. It will be my first summer at camp and I can’t wait, being able to teach windsurfing in such a beautiful location for the summer is a dream for me. Living in Scotland is wonderful but its going to be quite a change for me being at Adirondack, for a start not having to wear the thickest wetsuit I can find to go in the water! I love all things outdoors and adrenaline fueling; watersports, skiing and rock-climbing being some of my favorite hobbies.

I grew up going to scout camps so being able to work in that environment and give others a great experience of camps is one of the main reasons I decided to work at Adirondack. Alongside that, seeing someone else get hooked with the windsurfing bug is an amazing thing.

I’m hoping I can convince my cabin to spend a night on one of the nearby islands, I’ve been learning lots of the constellations recently and life can’t get much better than a night under the stars around a campfire!