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Hi I’m Ishbel. I am 20 and I’m teaching sailing this year. I come from a tiny village in the south of England and live on a dairy farm. I have loved the outdoors ever since I was born. My mum used to leave me outside in my pram as a baby and I absolutely loved it.

Some of my hobbies are horse riding, skiing, kayaking, surfing, tree climbing, skateboarding, SUPing, knitting and of course sailing! I am always willing to try more.

I absolutely adore animals.I currently have four cats who follow me everywhere! At camp on my free time you will most likely find me looking for the camp cats and dogs. I desperately want to see a porcupine as well. Although I love most animals I’m a terrified of birds. I am very interested in all the flora and fauna around the camp and hope to learn more and to teach the campers about that as well.

This is my first summer at Camp Adirondack and I am incredibly excited (and a bit nervous) I can’t wait to meet so many new people and join the camp family!