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Mexico FlagCancun, Mexico

Wilderness Trip

My name is Andrea. I went to LaSalle University in Cancun, Mexico. My mayor is Public relations and languages. I’m 29. I born in Cancun, Mexico. I live at Puerto Morelos, México. My actual job is as Rafting Guide at Xavage Park by Xcaret group.

This is going to be my first summer at Adirondack as a Wilderness Trip Staff; I’m looking forward to be there to have fun, learn and improve my English.

I’d like to help the campers to see the important little things in life, those littles things that sometimes we don’t notice.

I enjoy swimming, I love cold days and the smell before the rain, the feel of my cold hands near a fireplace is one of my favorite things. My favorite Disney Pixar movie: inside out, and a fun fact about myself is that I sneeze as a little kitten.