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Cabins and Facilities

We are a traditional summer camp for kids. Historically, unapologetically, purposefully and proudly we have no central air, no concrete swimming pool, no TV or cell phone reception, no vending machines, no electricity in the cabins, no urban center and no paved road! Our intention is for your children to slow down, to notice the wonder of the world and not be distracted by the many technological advancements on which we’ve become so dependent. Our summer camp for girls and boys is unique because of this.

Cabin life at Adirondack is open, simple, and wonderful.

Our cabins are 40×40 pine structures with cathedral ceilings and bunk beds. Trunks are used for storage and campers sleep under individual mosquito nets. Our cabins are “open-air," without screens, and have roll-down canvas protection when it rains.

This wonderful, out-of-doors environment ensures that campers will sleep beneath moonlight–hearing the lapping of waves against our shoreline. There is a modern bathhouse for each line of cabins, complete with lights, showers, sinks and toilets.

What They Say About ADK

I have grown to be less judgmental about others. I’m not afraid of moths any more. I appreciate the outdoors more and use less electronics. I’ve learned how to say new things in different languages from the international campers and mostly to be yourself. Kathryn R, Camper

Yet while the living is back-to-basics–the learning is anything but! At our traditional camp we support state-of-the-art equipment for every department of instruction. We have ten designated boating and swimming areas on our extensive mile and a half waterfront with a fleet of over seventy-five watercraft: including two gorgeous, Nautique water-ski boats, a dozen Flying Junior racing sailboats, canoes, kayaks and so much more.

We maintain a basketball court, true-surface tennis courts, an Olympic regulation fencing pavilion, archery camp range, a video lab including numerous digital cameras, plus new iMacs with professional editing software, indoor and outdoor stages and our most recent renovation: our historic Dining Hall with its enormous eight foot windows and breathtaking views of the lake. It’s a labor of love to maintain the look and feel of a simpler time while constantly updating and upgrading the facility.

Food, Health & Safety

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