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The Adirondack Spirit

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We strive to teach the concept of competing with oneself. There is no better rival than the voice inside one’s own head. Our summer camp counselors know how to work with that voice and to guide your child to challenge his or her self in many different constructive ways. Every day is filled with opportunities to best the achievements of the previous day and every camper will make his or her own decisions as to how he or she wants to engage. We encourage a lot more than winning; we celebrate spirit, effort, courage, cooperation and leadership.

The 12 Secrets of the Great Summer Camp

Never lose sight of the power of the exception–of superhero day or the visit from the Russian ambassador–or of the comradeship of impromptu jam sessions, pick-up games, cabin shenanigans or just plain star-gazing.
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Although ADK was first a boys camp, it became a coed summer camp over 25 years ago when it merged with a local girls camp; traditions and rituals from both camps remain. We believe in gender equality in all things. We have girl campers who repeatedly out-perform the boys in major events, and we have boys who prefer non-competitive activities. Some activities are restricted to just boys or all girls. Many are restricted by age. Then, several are open to all ages. All kinds of children attend our camp; and for every interest and level of accomplishment there are both team oriented and individual modalities.

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