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How Camp Changes You

A camper takes a break during the packed days at ADK.

One of the many benefits of a summer at girls’ and boys’ camp is the opportunity for a child to gain perspective. For all campers, especially first-timers, being independent from parental care and responsible for oneself–in addition to a world of stimulating social and environmental experiences, your child will come home transformed. Some think their house looks smaller, or their town more crowded or their room full of inconsequential stuff. Some want to begin exploring new interests or decide they’ve outgrown their old crowd. This shift in perspective is an invaluable sense of developing values and we think you’ll be astounded at the changes, both large and small, that the week-by-week program at ADK will stimulate.

The 12 Secrets of the Great Summer Camp

We will send your children home to you radiant with confidence and joy after having experienced nothing less than a life-changing summer. That is our promise to you. Noonway!
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At Adirondack Camp we believe in recognizing the outstanding achievements and character of our campers and at the conclusion of each session we hold a banquet where we present awards not only to those who have excelled but also to those who have demonstrated exceptional effort and improvement. Each summer it thrills us to observe children transformed into proud citizens of a vital community.

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