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At our traditional camp, Juniors are our youngest campers aged 7–9. They come in all sizes and stages. We love our juniors and pay special attention to the loving care they require. With respect to the youngest we will place as many as four counselors with them in their own cabin.

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Among our primary goals for our youngest juniors is that they bond early-on with their cabin-mates and camp counselors to provide bunk life and additional “community” support on a kind of “one for all, all for one” caring and sharing basis. At least one of the Junior activity periods, as well as their daily swimming lesson, will be spent with their entire cabin. During the first two weeks, depending on the needs of the individual child, his/her counselors will help in selection of activites and building of a personal weekly schedule. Encouragement will be given, particularly to the older Juniors, to branch out in the second two weeks and to make decisions more on their own in the selection of their activity schedules.

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It was a big thing for him to get away from his parents. He made it, and he feels really good about himself! Parent of Keegan H, Camper

Another way we support our youngest campers is by having equipment for even the tiniest camp boys and camp girls in every single sport and activity.

Even at this youngest age some wilderness adventure trips are quite appropriate. Juniors are invited, in addition to cabin overnights, to participate in the Lake George 5, Reflection and The Fire-tower series adventure trips.

Junior call to quarters is 8:30, with lights out at 9 pm.


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