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At 16, Rangers are the oldest campers of our boys and girls camp. Cognizant of their final, precious “summer of childhood," these remarkable, accomplished young men and woman anchor the overnight camp with a humble power. Their uniform is different from the rest of the campers and they receive special privileges as well as responsibilities. They have become the veterans of our summer camp for kids.

A boy at camp looks down the archery range.

What They Say About ADK

ADK has helped me grow as a person, and helped make me realize the importance of being independent, being able to work with others, and overall be a better leader and person. ADK is a magical place, and I can’t thank you guys enough for helping me grow and be a better person. Richie K, Ranger
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The Adirondack Ranger program is a tailored leadership program. Rangers choose personal levels of activity involvement with opportunities for advanced skills development. They learn how to coach, motivate and help to teach their favorite activities. They help with meals and Special Days and create and participate in a special group project of their choosing with the opportunity to apply their project toward the benefit of the entire kids camp community. These summer camp teens are eligible to make any sorties into the wilderness that they choose, including, always, at least, one dynamite, super-challenging, several day grunge and exhilaration wilderness adventure exclusively open only to Rangers.

The Ranger lights out is 9:30.


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