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A boy holds the music while a counselor plays the trumpet

At Adirondack Camp, we try to assign some responsibilities to go along with privileges and age. For example, an older camper may be asked if he or she might like to be a big brother or sister to a younger or first time camper who might have just a small need for an extra shoulder to lean on or an instant friend who can be counted on.

And so it is with community service. We are all privileged to be part of overnight summer camp here at Adirondack. We are, indeed, regardless of from whence we come, the privileged few. We need not feel remorseful about our privileges–only grateful and responsible. In that spirit, every camper is encouraged to help out the larger camp community in which he or she lives and to give a little bit more at each level of Junior, Intermediate, and Senior.

What They Say About ADK

After 7 years at Adirondack, it has changed who I am completely. It taught me how to be a leader, be able to be liked for who I am and not someone else, and most of all be a good friend. Without ADK, I don’t know who I would be. Shai G, Camper

“Service” may include helping others to set out entrees during meal times, cleaning out a campfire circle, or even moving a woodpile. Weekly community service will also include camp chores like sorting cabin laundry bags for distribution on Laundry Day and regularly setting out lost and found items to be reunited with their owners.

How Camp Changes You

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