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A camper learns to wakeboard on Lake George

The 12 Secrets of the Great Summer Camp

Develop a series of challenges that can lead to small and large exploits that will stay with them for life and build upon themselves, day-by-day, week-by-week, enabling each camper to grow exponentially in their accomplishments and confidence.

A great overnight summer camp for children is not just about more chances at a favorite activity. It’s about blossoming and coming into one’s own with a growing sense of self and confidence. At summer camps youth matures.

Our traditional coed camp is a place where the days and nights don’t add up, where as long as a camper stays, it seems like just yesterday that he or she arrived and, yet-in terms of lessons learned, experiences shared and a deep, personal growth absorbed–it can seem, next to home, like the only world that ever was.

We build our overnight camp program day-on-top-of day, week-on-top-of-week-holistically and individually – for each of our campers.  And that requires more than just a taste.  It requires the magic of full immersion, whereby every moment counts and makes the next so much more valuable.  Payback grows exponentially. 

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