Week 1: Campers arrive with excitement, uncertainty, a little trepidation – leading to settling in and testing the waters. Opening days of fun and a little holding back.

Week 1: Activity choices are made for the first time. Safety and basic skills defined and practiced. What to do and how to do it. Activity changes occur and skill development begins anew in different areas.

Week 2: You Know Your Way Around Getting the lay of the land leads to adjustments being made, new friendships taking root, and the real person beginning to emerge. A week of outrageous fun and growing trust.

Week 2: You’ve Tried a Few Things, Try Some More
Some activities are chosen anew, some continued. Comfort levels with basic skills rising through repeat activities. Safe challenges with positive reinforcement lead to the beginning of small accomplishments.

Week 3: Sharing in the “ownership” of camp takes root
– as responsibilities and trust, individual accomplishments, and strength of friendships build up. A week of excitement and increasing self-discovery.

Week 3: Skills development continues. Confidence grows and wanes with each success and setback. Tenacity and frustration share each activity. Increasing pride in trying things on one’s own. New activities are started and tested.

Week 4: Self-value and mutual respect have become staples of camp life; fun and challenge are increasingly addressed with an external poise and inner confidence to challenge oneself more than was ever possibly believed!

Week 4: The record of small accompishments has grown large; passion has settled in. Real skills have been learned. Pride and confidence in self have grown exponentially.

Week 1:
First time in a sailboat
Achieve your deckhand certification (know the parts of a boat).
Week 2:
Aye, aye skipper!
Help crew a sail on Lake George; right a capsized boat.

Week 3:
Learn the points of sail, and the concepts of tacking & jibing; start learning how to rig.
Week 4:
Finish learning how to rig, practice tacking strategies, and sail a 12’ single solo.