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ADK, I Miss You

By Malek Allari

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“I am sitting down, right now, Claiming the memories and emotions when I was with you, I felt happy and free, And now I am prisoned in my thoughts, I remember the sound of your waters outside my cabin,

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I remember the sound of birds singing their morning song, I woke up every day with a smile on my face, Knowing that your soul is still alive, I remember the smooth touch of your grass on my skin,

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I remember the cold water engulfing my body, I remember the times you had to comfort us with your rain after a sunny day,

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Adirondack, you grew up to be my home, Now, I am longing to feel your comfort and presence fill me with happiness, I lost track of time when I was with you, and that made me happy, I remember sitting on a SUP board and watch the sun dive into your waters,

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You will always be in my heart, Adirondack, For I became one of your warriors, I am proud of what had become of you, Became the home of thousands of children, I miss you, for I never had the time to say goodbye, I miss you, for I never had enough of you, I will remember you, For you changed my life for the better.”