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One of the best things about coming to summer camp is all of the incredible skills you pick up. At Camp, you will learn wilderness, communication, and creative skills – each of which translates to important life skills.

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Wilderness Skills

One of the most popular programs at Adirondack Camp is our Wilderness Trips program. Campers explore the Adirondack Park’s pristine lakes and mountains and have fun learning all sorts of things! Building a fire, setting up a tent, cooking over a gas stove, purifying water, reading a map, and using a compass are all skills that translate exceptionally well into living off the land. These abilities can help navigate challenging situations and are utterly invaluable. Yet,they are picked up in a memorable and fun way which ensures they will stay with you long after Camp ends.

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Communication Skills

During the summer, our campers live in open-air cabins with roughly 10 other campers and 3-4 counselors from across the U.S. and around the globe. They also join a team - either Blue or White - and take activities with other kids. Living and working together, they learn how to compromise and cooperate. They listen and learn from their counselors who serve as role models. This in turn fosters an environment where our campers learn to take other people’s advice later on in life. With facilitation, campers learn how to navigate conflict and constructively express their feelings to others. In addition, working with cabinmates on shared chores, campers learn to collaborate. Learning to live in harmony with a group of people in a shared space will enable our kids to build valuable skills that will help them throughout their lives.

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Creative Skills

Did you know Creativity is a plaque! In ADK Arts kids learn a range of creative skills, from drawing and painting to glass fusing and pottery making. These creative pursuits open up our children’s minds to imagination and innovation. These two skills alone can support them in a wide variety of possible careers. Campers also learn how to work with their hands, an ability that can benefit home improvements, job requirements, or simply finding pleasure. Engaging in the Arts, for many, serves as a way to get lost in one’s own little world, escaping day-to-day affairs, and providing a happy place.

So when you come to ADK and explore the Adirondack wilderness, participate in activities, cabin life, our spirited Blue/White color war and sign up for Creative Arts, our kids are learning. Yes, they are having the summer of their lives in a safe, fun environment but at the same time they are learning invaluable life lessons.