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Why should you consider summer camp? It is true that the summer break can be an excellent opportunity for a fantastic family holiday, road tripping around the U.S., or even something as simple as hanging out with close friends without needing to deal with classes at school. The question then comes to mind, why give all that up to spend time with new people away from your friends and family? In truth, there are several reasons why summer camp may be the best choice for your child.

First, the friendships campers make with kids across the U.S. and the entire globe become so strong! Adirondack Camp is like a separate world where the bonds created over 2, 4 or 8 weeks honestly feel like you’ve spent 2 to 3 times that amount of time together, in a good way. These friendships often last years into the future. Just ask our alum or campers who have been with us for a few summers and they will tell you the truth about that. After Camp ends, everyone goes back to the “real world” and it will be another ten months before everyone sees each other again. But once they do, it is like they never left!

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Spending a summer at ADK will also result in awesome memories. Camp is action packed; and campers are kept busy doing cool activities, hanging out with friends, and having fun. From campfire stories and cabin nights to carnival fun, every day at Camp becomes memorable in its own right. Campers will treasure the never-ending fun and growth-inducing experiences. These memories will stick with them throughout their lives; and there may come a day where they tell their own kids about the great adventures they had at Adirondack Camp.

One of the most essential life lessons is the ability to be self confident and comfortable in one’s skin. Yet, mastering this lesson can be challenging. Some campers arrive at Camp shy and unsure of themselves. Summer camp gently pushes kids out of their comfort zones, in a supported way. As a result, they come to understand themselves on a whole different level. Campers are also encouraged to see others around them for who they truly are. A new level of confidence follows their success of living independently and stretching themselves long after the summer is over, promoting a positive outlook and attitude.

Given all of this good stuff, who wouldn’t want to spend a summer at summer camp?