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One of the most anticipated parts of any summer at Adirondack Camp is our spirited color war. This camper highlight is steeped in tradition that goes back decades and decades on our peninsula.

Color follows family so any camper with a relative who is an ADK alum will proudly wear their family color too. Any first-of-the-family campers will be sorted by sorting hat onto the Blue or White team and then LOUDLY welcomed by their new team members. Before the summer games begin both teams elect respective male and female Junior, Intermediate and Senior captains. The Senior captains take the mantle of leading their teams.

Blue/White takes place over the entirety of the summer. Fun activities occur twice a week and the winner of each event is awarded a team plaque. Events may be for certain age groups, like Junior Dodgeball or Senior Hockey, may showcase a specific activity like Sailing or may involve the entire team like Capture the Flag or Staff Hunt. At the end of the summer, the team with the most plaques wins the Team Trophy.

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Campers also work to earn coups which represent reaching a certain point threshold in a given activity like swimming or pottery. The team with the most coup by the end of the summer is awarded the Awiskini Plaque. This is an important plaque as it demonstrates continued effort by campers to support their team; and it is the final plaque awarded of the summer. If the teams are tied, it serves as the critical tie breaker!

The winning team receives well deserved accolades at our Awards Banquet, the Blue/White Team Cup as well as bragging rights until our color war is reignited the following summer.