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Welcome to the main event!

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN… Welcome to the 2021 body of water match! In this corner- coming in at a whopping 32.2 mi (51.8 km) long, 3 mi (4.8 km) wide, and a max of 196 ft (60 m) deep, nicknamed the Queen of American Lakes, and named one of the top 5 cleanest and clearest lakes in America, LAAAKKKEEEE GEEEORRRGGEEE!!!

And in this corner, coming in at ~sometimes~ 50 m in length, full of chemicals, hurts your eyes if you open them in it, and leaves you smelling like Chlorine for the rest of the day……. A swimming pool.

Lake swimming at Camp is part of what makes ADK so special. We are extremely fortunate to be surrounded by such clear water on 3 sides, and have so many activities that take place in the wate. Lake George is so clean that the locals use it as their water source for their homes, even their drinking water.

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Waking up in the morning and being able to jump into the crisp waters of the lake is the perfect wake up call. SUPing over waters as smooth as glass is something impossible to do in a pool.

Being on a lake allows us to offer activities that would be impossible for campers to engage in if we only had a pool, like Sailing, Windsurfing, Water Skiing, and so many more. This also means that many campers are spending the majority of their day in or on the water. If A camper is in a sailboat for half the day, and it is particularly hot, they can do a quick jump and be cooled down in a jiffy, with no need to wait for their swim period to cool down.

Lake swimming is brisk and fresh, never gets old, and allows us to fully embrace the heat of summer without fear of overheating. It lets us make the most of our time we have on the peninsula, and it is part of what makes ADK what it is. We wouldn’t be the same without Lake George; and we are thankful for it everyday of every summer.