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In order to make your life easier and get the best photo experience of your children at ADK this summer, we encourage you to download CampMinder’s Campanion App on your phone and opt-in to Face Finder. Face Finder is CampMinder’s facial recognition that will automatically tag any photos your campers are in. It is a fantastic feature but only you can opt-in and set it up before it can work. Make sure your kid(s) are nearby because you will need their faces to train Face Finder. If you already did this last year, you still need to do it again for this summer.

If you choose not to opt-in for this, you might have to sort through hundreds of photos each day to find your kid! Due to privacy and security, we no longer have the ability to set up facial recognition on our end. Only you can do this now. So we ask that you please do this before your camper/s arrives on Sunday, June 26th. REMINDER - There will be NO automatic tagging of your child in Adirondack Camp photos unless you Opt-In for Face Finder.

How to Setup Face Finder:

  1. Download the Campanion App on your iPhone or Android
  2. Open the app and log in using your CampMinder account info 3.“Update Camper Photo?’’ will pop up first. Do this!!! This is the Face Finder setup. If you skip this, you can still set up Face Finder in the app menu.
  3. Follow the steps to train Face Finder to recognize your kid(s) faces.
  4. Once done, any photos uploaded with your kid(s) in it will automatically be tagged with them.
  5. Only you will have access to your child’s tagged photos, no one outside of our camp community sees these photos.

That’s it! In addition to viewing albums on the web through CampMinder, you can now easily view daily photos, any tagged photos of your kids, and favorite any of them all through the Campanion App right on your phone.