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Adirondack Camp offers the best hiking opportunities for all our campers and staff. The Lake George 5 and 46ers are two of the challenges that can be completed.

  1. Hikers are encouraged to go by the “leave no trace” philosophy, where once they’ve moved on, there would be no trace of their visit for the next set of hikers to see.

  2. With 46 high peaks, the Adirondacks offer a satisfying challenge for both enthusiastic and novice hikers. The people who complete all 46 hikes become “46ers”.

  3. It is possible to hike two or three peaks during a single day.

  4. Several trails within the Adirondack Park provide handicap accessible options so that everyone can enjoy the rugged beauty of the mountains.

  5. Ryan Atkins holds the fastest time for completing all 46ers, it took him 3d 5h 52m 0s.

  6. Hiking can be an intense full-body workout in that almost every muscle will be used.

  7. Hiking allows you to step away from the normal distractions of everyday life and enjoy some peace while away.

  8. The Adirondack park contains over 1500 miles of designated hiking trails.

  9. The United States of America’s national parks have over 18,000 miles of hiking trails.

  10. “Hiking” is worth 14 points in a game of Scrabble.