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Tech-free Challenge

Camp is almost here!! In case you didn’t hear, Adirondack Camp is cell phone-free. As you start packing up your trunk in the next few weeks, why not try minimizing your cell phone use? Start with putting it away for a meal or for two hours, and work up to spending a whole day without technology and social media. You can challenge your folks at home or your friends to do it with you too! Most cell phones can track how much you use it, so you can set a goal to spend less time on your phone each day.

Once you’re at camp you’ll be so busy spending your days on the lake and your nights under the stars with all of your camp friends that you won’t need TikTok and Snapchat to stay connected. Make sure you give your camp address to your friends from home so you can keep in touch the old fashioned way! (See address below.) I still have all of the handwritten letters I exchanged with my friends and loved ones when I was a camper way back in the day. They’re way more permanent than a 5 second video or photo. Plus, at the end of the summer you can save all of the pictures that our wonderful Camp Photographers take of you having a blast at ADK!

Send a letter to:

(Camper’s First + Last Name)

P.O. Box 97

Putnam Station, N.Y.