We encourage campers to write home each week. Remember to write or email your child several days before they arrive so they will have mail on the first days of Camp.

Care Packages

Campers love to receive mail, especially care packages. Fun games, soft toys, blue or white face paint (to support their team), or memories from home can all make your camper stay that little bit better. It is always nice for them to come back to their bunk after a fun-filled day to see the things you have sent.

However, please do NOT send any care packages to your child that include any food or beverages. Food in our cabins draws unwanted guests – skunks, raccoons, chipmunks, mice, and ants. Campers receive snacks, healthy meals, and treats while they are with us and do not need additional food from home.

We request your help in educating your child’s grandparents, other relatives, and family friends who might send such things. Campers open all packages in the presence of a staff member and any and all food items sent to them will be discarded. We do not save it for bunk parties or mealtimes and throwing it out causes campers sadness and frustration.


We encourage all campers to write letters home every week, there is nothing more special than seeing their faces glow when they receive a response. Keep in mind that the reason for writing letters is to enhance the camper’s experience at camp, not to make them miss you or miss home. Ask them questions so that they have things to write back to you. Who are your counselors? What are your favorite activities? Have you been on any hikes? What is your favorite camp food? Have you learned any new songs? What’s it like to swim in the lake?


We also welcome your emails as a way to send messages and hand them to campers daily. Emails received after 11:00 am will be given out the next day. Please send all emails for campers to campers@adirondackcamp.com. Please make sure to put the camper’s name and cabin in the subject line.

You may help in the process by providing stamped, pre-addressed envelopes when you pack your camper’s trunk.