The celestial stage was set, the anticipation palpable, and the excitement infectious as we gathered at camp for the Total Solar Eclipse. Some of our alumni joined us for this incredible moment. We gazed up, amazed at the sun’s blazing silhouette around the moon. It was a truly humbling experience that went beyond time and space.

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As the eclipse approached its totality, we couldn’t help but feel a sense of unity with our alumni, united by our shared love of the natural world. The beauty of the eclipse reminded us that we are all connected under the same vast sky, even if we are separated by miles.

To all who could not attend camp, we hope you were able to view the eclipse wherever you were, whether that was in the comfort of your backyard or a special viewing point. May its beauty serve as a reminder of all the treasures around us and the memories we make together. Until we meet again under the stars, may the cosmic dance continue to inspire and unify you all.

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