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Opening Day 2024

Noonway Everyone!

Yesterday marked the beginning of our 120th summer here on our beautiful peninsula on stunning Lake Geroge as we warmly greeted both returning and new campers alike. The air buzzed with eager anticipation as they wondered about the exciting experiences that lay ahead this summer. The weather brought a brief rain shower around lunchtime, but the atmosphere remained upbeat as more than 200 campers arrived, infusing Adirondack Camp with fresh, vibrant energy.

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After check-in and finding out their cabin assignments, our friendly cabin staff and Lineheads welcomed campers into their cabins, helping them settle in, unpack, and make their bunks. Soon after, everyone headed to the lake for swim tests, a requirement for all campers and staff to earn their buddy tags - they can’t get in the lake without them!

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We then had line meetings where campers got to see all the other kids, staff and CITs on their lines. Here at ADK we have four lines, Junior/Intermediate Moss Line, Senior Moss Line, Junior/Intermediate Pine Line and Senior Pine Line. This summer, we are transitioning our line names to be natured-centred, so now we have Pine and Moss (whch is a nod to Moss Lodge, the all girls camp that used to be here before we were a co-ed sleepaway camp!)

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A Time for Self-Discovery

In a world where screens dominate so much of our time, parents can rest assured knowing their children will enjoy several weeks disconnected from technology. ADK offers a chance for kids to immerse themselves in nature, forge new friendships, explore new activities, and discover more about themselves.

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What’s On Today?

In the morning campers will go with their cabins on a Camp tour to see all the different activities on offer this session. Then in the afternoon new campers will be sorted into their Blue/White team and will play a bunch of non-competitive games with their lines. Blue/White this year will officially start on Wednesday!

We can’t wait for an amazing first week of camp! Stay up-to-date here on the camp blog, and also keep checking our social media for pictures and videos throughout the summer.