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What’s Been Happening on the Peninsula?

On Sunday we started the morning with a Camp tour for all cabins to be introduced to the different activities on the peninsula. They also had the oppurtinity to see their schedule for the week and make any changes if there was space. After rest hour and a spot of rain we held our Blue/White sorting ceremony for new campers to be assigned their color war team! Every camper is either on Blue or White team, and that is their team for life!

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The afternoon turned rainy, prompting us to switch gears to some indoor line games perfect for a rainy day. Later in the evening, we enjoyed our Gathering tradition, where we sit at Sign Point as the sun sets to reminisce about the past week. Nestled here on the beautiful shores of Lake George, we are incredibly fortunate to experience such moments as simple as a beautiful sunset. Gathering allows us to pause, express gratitude, and fully appreciate the natural splendor that surrounds us.

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The 12 Secrets of a Great Summer Camp

No. 1

“Choose a setting that is both magnificent and filled with unadorned, astounding natural beauty that provides the backdrop for letting the school year and pressures of modern-day life slip away”

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On Monday we kicked into our first day of scheduled activities! After A & B period we enjoyed tacos for lunch, and after rest hour it was Adventure Period, where the activities differ every week! This week there are some awesome activities running such as cheerleading, orienteering and the always iconic Gnome Home Building… (gnome)

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In the evening, the sky cleared up from overcast to beautifully clear for Junior/Intermediate Cabin Night and Senior Line Night. The senior campers enjoyed a movie together, while the junior and intermediate campers spent some quality bonding time with their cabin-mates.

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Two trips went out too, pictured below - Buck Mountain (left) & Cat Mountain (right)!

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What’s On Today?

The weather today will be mostly sunny with a high of 84°F (28°C) and a low of 66°F (18°C). It’s a Tuesday so our schedule is EDCBA & the evening activity is Club Night!

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