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What is it?

Blue/White is a series of summer-long events that are at the heart of ADK; it’s one of our most hyped and anticipated camp traditions! Other camps might call it “color war” but we view Blue/White more as a spirited rivalry. During the first week of Camp, each new camper goes through a Sorting Ceremony. Using a wizard’s hat, we draw names for each team. About two decades ago, we introduced the sorting hat as a nod to Harry Potter, something that also symbolizes the enchantment of this beloved camp tradition.

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The Dining Hall fireplace hangs the winning plaque of each team

Each camper competes in every event, with plaques awarded and displayed in the dining hall as victories are achieved. These plaques accumulate over the summer, ultimately unveiling the winning team at season’s end.

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Blue/White traditionally kicks off with Tug-Of-War. Games are played twice per week, this year on Wednesdays and Sundays. They’ll either be a whole camp event, where all age divisions play the same game - Dodgeball, Tug-Of-War, Staff Hunt etc. OR the games will be a triple, where each division competes in separate events - Soccer, Basketball, Waterpolo etc. Some events have been retired over the years like road race, riflery, egg rush, swim/track/canoe meet. Will they ever make a comeback?

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Who will win this 120th anniversary summer? Stay tuned here to find out!

What Happened at Camp Yesterday?

At Rest Hour Blue/White team captains for session one were voted on. Each team votes for 6 team captains, two from each age division; Junior, Intermediate and Senior. This opportunity to captain your team offers youngsters a remarkable chance to embrace leadership early on, fueled by their team spirit. Leading your team is not only a significant responsibility but also a chance to be part of something historic, making it a deeply rewarding and special experience.

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It was a beautiful sunny day at Camp, perfect for waterfront activities. For Club Night we had some fun events running - Moonball, Zumba, Slacklining and more!

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What’s On Today?

The weather today will be partly cloudy with a high of 84°F (28°C) and a low of 60°F (15°C). It’s a Wednesday so our schedule is ABCDE and the evening activity is Blue/White!