For nearly a decade, ADKChella and Gallery Night have celebrated our thriving arts community. The evening kicks off with Gallery Night on the tennis courts, where campers proudly display their creations from various art activities held over the past few weeks. It’s a special time for the entire camp to come together and admire the artistic talents on show. One of the highlights of Gallery Night is Culinary-Fun, where the advanced class whips up delicious treats for the whole camp to enjoy!

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Throughout this week, our ADKChella performers have diligently rehearsed their acts during activity periods, gearing up for Session One’s ADKChella happening this Friday night, the theme of which is Fairy-Tale! Meanwhile, the Advanced Cul-Fun class has been busy preparing delectable treats, which will be distributed during cookie break on Friday. This ensures ample time for everyone to enjoy the evening’s lineup of fantastic performances.

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Our Head of Arts, Cat, shares with us why ADKChella and Gallery Night is so special:

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Cat Miller

Head of Arts

ADKChella is a great way for campers to get out of their comfort zones and in turn grow an immense amount of confidence in the arts. It’s incredible to see the talent that our campers possess, everywhere from the kids that perform each year, to those that are just giving it a go for the first time. Our Gallery Night highlights our fine arts each session, and I love seeing the campers faces when they show their artwork with pride. It’s one of my favorite nights of camp, and while I may be biased I think many others feel the same too!

Highlights from last year’s ADKChella & Gallery Night

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We’re eagerly anticipating Friday night, and we have a fantastic lineup of talent set to grace the stage. It takes remarkable courage to perform in front of the entire camp, so we’re expecting an unforgettable evening of entertainment.

Activity Photos From Yesterday

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What’s On Today

Today a bunch of our campers head to Forest Lake Camp for day one of our tournament! We’re playing Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee and Archery. The weather will be scattered thunderstorms with a high of 82°F (27°C) and an overnight low of 71°F (21°C). It’s a Wednesday so our schedule is ABCDE and our evening activity is Senior Cabin Night and Junior & Intermediate Line Night.