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ACYC Mission Statement

In sailing, campers will gain lifelong confidence and appreciation of mind, water, and waves through creative and enthusiastic leadership in a fun, safe, and nurturing environment.

Sailing is highly favored at Adirondack Camp, where it’s one of the only activities granted a double period each day. This extended time is crucial for the meticulous preparation, rigging, and derigging of boats before and after they’re taken out onto the lake. It ensures there’s ample opportunity to fully enjoy the sailing experience while making the most of our time on the water.

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Commodore Jason Tothy

Head Of Sailing

Jason has been involved in teaching sailing at ADK for four summers now, having been a camper himself before that. He graciously walks us through the workings of the camp’s sailing program and discusses the numerous lifelong skills it imparts to campers. According to Jason, the goal of the sailing program is to help sailors achieve an advanced level appropriate for school-aged participants, in line with US sailing standards for proficiency.

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How the week begins

Gathering in the Yacht Club, campers and sailing staff sit in a classroom setup to discuss their goals for the upcoming week. The curriculum is tailored accordingly, focusing on helping each camper achieve their individual objectives. Once these goals are established, the staff brainstorm various weekly focuses aimed at benefiting every participant in the class.

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The program caters to all levels of sailing proficiency, featuring a diverse range of boats in the ACYC fleet including 420s, Optis, Lasers, FJs, and Cape Cod Mercurys. Participants can be grouped into different divisions based on their experience levels. The program offers various certifications such as crew certification, performance sailing, Opti-sailing certifications, and a skipper card.

Participants will learn essential sailing skills including points of sail, wind indicators, man overboard procedures, dry capsize recovery, and knot-tying. For beginners, personalized one-on-one instructional sailing is available, with counselors accompanying them closely during their time on the water. Northern Lake George provides an ideal setting for sailing, offering shelter from northerly weather in its cove and consistent southerly winds that allow sailing across the entire lake. Conditions can vary significantly day-to-day, providing a realistic and dynamic experience for sailors.

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In addition to gaining practical sailing skills, campers also acquire a variety of valuable life skills. These include leadership (it’s a plaque!), effective communication and teamwork, problem-solving abilities, and the resilience to adapt to unpredictable or challenging circumstances—such as unexpected weather conditions that can present unique challenges on the water. Sailing also fosters increased self-confidence both independently and within a team environment.

Activity Photos from yesterday

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World Cup Report - England v Ireland

By Joe Thorn

A place in the final was the prize for both these teams during a hot Monday general swim. With the stage set, Ireland kicked off, looking to continue their underdog journey through this World Cup. Early chances from both teams and a tight game but after a couple England substitutions, they took a 1-0 lead into half time. Following a rather uneventful first half, fans were hoping for an exciting second half to revitalise the world cup aura currently running through Camp. However, this was not to be as England continued to be dominant and as described by the fans, England was never in doubt to qualify. With a final score of 2-0, England looks like they have gelled and cemented themselves as the team to beat in the final. Our other semi-final looks to be delayed due to unforeseen weather but the World Cup will be finished during week 4 and both South Africa and the US will be looking to join England for the coveted Jules Rimet Trophy.

What’s On Today?

The weather today will be partly cloudy with a high of 90°F (32°C) and an overnight low of 69°F (20°C). It’s a Tuesday so our schedule will be EDCBA and the evening activity is Club Night.