As we step into our third week at camp, time seems to be racing past. We’ve already created some unforgettable memories, with many more yet to unfold. This past weekend marked a transition as we bid farewell to some campers and warmly welcomed new faces. Join us as we recap the highlights of this mini-transition period!

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After a delightful and warm final day of week two activities, we capped it off with our evening event, Awiskini!

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Our special day on Saturday was Scooby-Doo themed, where campers embarked on a journey to different stations, completing tasks all leading up to the ultimate challenge of finding the elusive Herbie! The day concluded in our classic Saturday night tradition with a lively dance. Additionally, we bid farewell to our two-week campers departing today, hoping they had a fantastic time and looking forward to welcoming them back next summer.

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The 12 Secrets of a Great Summer Camp

No. 7

Build the Camp community small enough to know everybody by first name and to make close friends for life, while large and diverse enough to preserve a ton of choices and be rich in spirit and unique in experience.


The day kicked off with a delightful morning of cartoons and waffles! Then we were thrilled to welcome approximately 60 new campers to the peninsula as the day progressed. The afternoon was packed with excitement, featuring a Blue/White triple-header: Senior Volleyball, Intermediate Flag Football, and Junior Hockey. Wrapping up the week, we enjoyed Albert’s latest weekly video before Gathering at Sign Point for a reflective session under the open sky as the sun set over our beautiful lake.

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GUest Artists This Week

This week, our arts pillar is buzzing with talent as we welcome a fantastic lineup of guest artists. Zac, our beloved ceramics counselor from the past two summers, is back for a week. Joining him is Jeanee, who will be teaching sewing, and Greg from the renowned ADK Glassblowing Studio, returning to impart his expertise in glassblowing. Last summer, under their guidance, the kids created remarkable glass pieces. It promises to be an exhilarating week ahead for our arts program!

World Cup Report

By Joe Thorn

After an epic start to our 2024 world cup the remaining six teams were looking to book their place in week 3’s semifinals. All 3 remaining quarter finals were set to be a series of blockbuster events and did not disappoint. A luke warm Friday general swim saw South Africa take an early 3-0 lead against New Zealand, resulting in them taking one step closer to the highly anticipated final. Sunday’s back-to-back fixtures had the dark horses of the tournament Ireland cement their spot in the semi-finals with a true underdog story victory against Spain. Immediately after, home team USA took on a taller and very physical Poland team but, as tournament football goes, the quality and ability of the US players was too much for the Polish arsenal. With all 4 semi-final spots cemented, we look forward to an intense week of fixtures and with rain on the horizon, we will see what team can book their place in the final of the World Cup.

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What’s On Today

The weather today will be mostly sunny with a high of 90°F (32°C) and an overnight low of 68°F (20°C). It’s a Monday so campers will have a new schedule this week, the day will go ABCDE, and the evening activity is Junior & Intermediate Cabin Night and Senior Line Night.