The Arts program at Camp stands as a powerful yet compact cornerstone. To enrich our array of artistic experiences, we invite Guest Artists to lead specialized activities throughout the summer. Each artist brings a unique expertise, offering campers the chance to explore new realms of creativity. From glass-blowing to denim upcycling, advanced friendship bracelet making, and this week’s lineup including swing-dancing, improv, drama, sewing art, ceramics, photography, and guitar lessons—the diversity is astounding! Explore snapshots of this week’s creative adventures below. Slay Arts!

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Dress Like Your Counselor Lunch

We love our themed lunches here at Adirondack Camp, yesterday’s theme was to dress like your favorite counselor!

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Blue/White was a triple, Seniors played Flag Football, Juniors played Newcomb, and Intermediates Basketball! Scores will be updated on the homepage soon.

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What Trips Went Out

Cook & Record Mountain, Rock Climbing Trip at Shelving Rock & a Fishing Overnight Trip!

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World Cup Match Report

By Joe Thorn

Yesterday’s opening fixture was between 2 teams, who on paper, looked to be potential finalist contenders: England and Mexico. With a fully packed crowd, Mexico kicked off the highly anticipated World Cup with a shot from kick off, resulting in not only the first goal kick in the game but the first ball to be heading towards the lake. Goals were predicted in this fixture and the teams did not disappoint with a 3-2 scoreline heading into half time. A dominant performance from Mexico was to no avail as England maintained their half time lead after what looked to be an underdog story of the ages. A hat trick from Blake of Gull Cabin sealed England’s spot in the next round with either Ireland or Spain looking to join them in the semis. Both players from South Africa and New Zealand will be looking to book their spot in the semi-finals on Friday while cementing this ADK World Cup as the ‘World Cup of the Ages’.

What’s On Today

Happy 4th of July! The weather today will be mostly cloudy with a high of 85°F (29°C) and an overnight low of 63°F (17°C). It’s a Thursday so our schedule will be EDCBA. We’ll be having a patriotic parade to lunch, and our evening activity is Senior Cabin Night & Junior/Intermediate Cabin Night.