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At Adirondack Camp, birthdays are celebrated in a truly special manner. Our incredible kitchen team crafts delicious frosted cakes, and the entire Camp joins together to sing our unique ADK birthday song in honor of the birthday camper. A fun tradition follows where campers gather with their cabin mates, who playfully decorate their faces with frosting during the song (though opting out is totally okay!). It’s a delightful spectacle to witness. After the festivities, everyone enjoys cake together, sharing this sweet moment with friends.

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At our camp, we embrace the joy of receiving packages, ensuring campers can unwrap heartfelt gifts from home on their special day (no food please). Additionally, they may enjoy a cherished phone call home, connecting them directly with their loved ones. It’s all about keeping those camp memories filled with warmth and family love!

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Yesterday, we were blessed with beautiful weather, creating ideal conditions for water activities and making it a fantastic day for everyone at Camp.

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Evevning Activity

Last night, we kicked off our evening with a lively square dance, expertly hosted by our dear friends who have been joining us for more than 15 years! The night was divided between our junior and intermediate campers for the first half, and our seniors took over for the latter half. Earlier during dinner, we even had a practice session for one of the dances, which was an absolute blast. To cap off the festivities, we celebrated Sue from the band, who was celebrating her birthday with an ADK birthday song—minus the cake, but brimming with heartfelt cheer!

What Trips Went Out

Mt Van Hoevenberg, Blue Mountain Firetower and White Water Rafting on the Hudson!

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What’s On Today

The weather today will be partly cloudy with a high of 84°F (28°C) and an overnight low of 65°F (18°C). It’s a Wednesday so our schedule today is ABCDE and the evening activity will be Blue/White!