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Activity Focus

Our compact but spirited ball field buzzes with soccer fever, a favorite pastime among many of our campers here at ADK. One of the highlights of session one are both our eagerly anticipated camper and staff tournament — the World Cup AND our inter-camp competition with nearby Forest Lake Camp. Soccer during the activity week runs for a couple periods every day, usually with a mixture of age groups and genders, with dedicated advanced periods also an option for campers keen on really honing their skills. Our diverse land sports staff hails from various corners of the globe, including the UK, Spain, South Africa, and the USA, headed by king of land Joe Thorn, ensuring a rich cultural exchange and top-notch coaching.

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This week, we’re running an advanced session in soccer to gear up for our eagerly awaited annual tournament with Forest Lake, which is back after a 5-year hiatus. The competition will feature a diverse and thrilling lineup of land events including speed rock-climbing, basketball, tennis, fencing, archery, ultimate frisbee, and, of course, soccer. Mark your calendars for our away day on July 10th and the home day on July 12th—it’s going to be an action-packed showdown you won’t want to miss! Joe shares with us his training plan with his advanced soccer period:

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“Each session we have is aimed to master a key fundamental of soccer in order to progress to more advanced skills. In a session we spend 5 minutes each session finding different stretching partners to build good team chemistry and to prep for the session ahead, after this we move onto a progressive passing drill and possession drill to get each players’ touch in and develop their communication skills.”

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“Post fundamentals, we look to build on a specific skill set whether that be shooting or in-game patterns which can be translated from the training ground. Each session we look to finish with a quick scrimmage to bring together the skills we have learnt and end with a bit of fun.”

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It really is soccer season at camp right now, as World Cup is kicking off this Wednesday! There’s eight teams each representing a different country, and campers and staff have been sorted. In the weeks ahead, teams will compete fiercely in elimination rounds, gradually narrowing down the pool of contenders. Ultimately, one deserving team will emerge victorious in the final match.

Tune back in next Tuesday for another feautred activity focus

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Guest Artists This Week

This week, we’re thrilled to host a diverse lineup of Guest Artists offering workshops in Sewing Art, Drama, Ceramics, Improv, Swing Dancing, Photography, and Music. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore a wide range of creative pursuits!

What’s On Today?

The weather today will be mostly sunny with a high of 83°F (28°C) and an overnight low of 58°F (14°C). It’s a Tuesday so our schedule is EDCBA and the evening activity is the Square Dance!