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And just like that we’re into week two of Camp! What an awesome first week we’ve had filled with activities, Blue/White, Cabin and Line Nights, Special Days and so much more! Here’s what we got up to over the weekend:


Friday greeted us with glorious sunshine, bustling with activities, a few trips went out, and we had our inaugural Awiskini!

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Today was marked by intermittent rain showers. In the morning, we kicked off the day with an exciting camp-wide activity called Gnome Stone Hunt. Following a satisfying lunch and an extended rest hour, each cabin engaged in activities designed to strengthen bonds among cabinmates. The day culminated in our beloved Saturday night tradition - The Dance! The Dining Hall buzzed with vibrant costumes and an atmosphere filled with joy and camaraderie.

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The day began with a delightful breakfast of cartoons and waffles courtesy of the Rangers, our eldest campers. We then eased into a relaxed club morning. In the afternoon, excitement peaked during Blue/White, highlighted by a thrilling Scavenger Hunt. It was a spectacle to witness soccer goals, fragments of boats, and cherished camp memorabilia being spiritedly sought across the Ball Field.

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Check out last week’s highlight video, by our new videographer Albert!

Where is Matt Bass?

If you think you know where this photo was taken then let us know!

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The weather tomorrow will be partly cloudy with a high of 74°F (23°C) and an overnight low of 50°F (10°C). It’s a Monday so our schedule is ABCDE; campers will have a whole new schedule this week! Our evening activity is Junior/Intermediate Cabin Night and Senior Line Night.