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If you’ve ever been to Adirondack Camp, you’ll surely recognize our ten plaques. They grace the walls of our Dining Hall every summer, each symbolizing a core value of ADK. These values serve as beacons, inspiring and guiding campers to discover these virtues within themselves. At ADK, our aim is to ignite a sense of leadership within campers, empowering them to discover their innate potential in a nurturing environment.


On the first night of camp, campers and staff sit down with their cabins and go through our community contract. This contract is based around our plaques. They talk as a cabin about what each plaque represents to them, then they write together their own cabin contract, sharing their own personal values. Here’s what the contract says about sharing:

“I will remember that I am sharing a living space with my cabin mates and be respectful of that. I will remember that I am sharing camp resources and will share this opportunity with all.”
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Living here at sleepaway camp means sharing your space is inevitable. Sharing is vital to our community! Whether it’s sharing physical spaces during mealtimes or cabin activities, or emotionally opening up to a group or the entire Camp, time spent here at at our summer camp on Lake George fosters and strengthens this value within us.

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Wednesday Night’s Blue/White was a triple, Blue Team took away the win for all three!

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A Look Back on This Week’s Trips

Black Mountain, Buck Mountain, Street and Nye - just to name a few!

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What’s On Today?

The weather today will be mostly sunny with a high of 74°F (23°C) and an overnight low of 57°F (14°C). It’s a Friday so our schedule today is ABCDE and the evening activity is Awiskini.