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Nothing beats an ADK sunset. Period. I have been blessed to have been able to see sunsets from the top of Masada in Israel, across miles and miles of prairies in the Midwest, and even sunsets at 10pm over the lakes of New Zealand. There just simply isn’t anything like sitting at Sign Point at sunset with 150 of your closest friends, after just having shared heartfelt stories, poems, and songs during that week’s Gathering. The sense of belonging and support is one unlike any other. To be surrounded by so many people who feel what you feel about a particular place, who know how special it is, and who also don’t have the words to describe it, is something you’re not going to get on a mountain or across a prairie or across the world. You don’t have to take my word for it, here are some other Staff sunset testimonials:

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“Camp sunsets make me appreciate and remind me how lucky I am to be here. The most amazing sunsets I’ve seen in my life are at Camp; and some of them you couldn’t even possibly imagine. My favorite part about sunsets at ADK are when you are finishing a Cabin Night on the water and everyone just takes a moment to look how amazing it is, and then carry on like we’ve seen it before.” -Dylan Cox

“My favorite part about the sunset is how happy everyone gets when there is a really cool one. No one grabs their phones to snapchat or instagram it. We just get to be there in the moment and enjoy it. It really brings us all together. But sunsets do make me sad because a whole day passed and it felt so short because days at Camp feel like seconds. But it’s all worth it because it’s so beautiful.” -Jayne Herms

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“Because we only get so few days on the peninsula, a nice sunset is a great reminder to be present and grateful for the time we get to spend there. I try to take a couple of minutes for myself on Sign Point when there is a particularly lovely sunset.” -Rachel L

“I can remember three distinct moments in my life where scenes of natural beauty have literally taken my breath away. One of these moments was during a regular evening at Camp; I was walking across the ball field to join my cabin for a bonfire, when I suddenly heard shouting, and saw people appear from far and wide across the peninsula, all running towards Canoe Dock. I looked up, and saw the sky above Anthony’s Nose was illuminated by swathes of yellow, orange and red. At first people considered running back to their cabins for their cameras, but the sunset was fading all too soon. I love these displays of natural beauty, because they allow you to simply appreciate the moment you are in: to stand with your closest friends in the world, and just be.” -Becky H