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Archives for February, 2018

Meet the Camp Swim Areas!

by Chris

Tuesday, February 20th 2018 at 11:03pm

Meet the Camp Swim Areas!

By: Nicolette Brick

One of the very best features of Camp is that we are on our very own peninsula in the middle of the Adirondack Mountains! Being surrounded by so much water is what makes ADK, unlike any other camp. That being said, it means that we have A LOT of activities on the water and that involve swimming, including our wonderful swimming/water skills activity. There are so many wonderful areas to swim around Camp and we would like to introduce you to our fantastic swim areas!

Junior Cove

Hi, I’m Junior Cove! I’m just your everyday swim area next door. I love a quick Polar Bear session in the morning, a general swim before lunch, and hanging out with all the Juniors during a Jump-In/ Jump out. I also think that I have the best view of Camp, because from my dock you can see Black Mountain, Intermediate Dock, and Sailing Dock! I just love to watch all the campers having a blast on the water. I even get to see the likes of Blue/Whitewater polo and Swim Meet! I’m also where the Beginner swimmers have their class! I’m perfect for beginners because my water is the shallowest and the warmest in Camp! But don’t get me wrong, I love campers with all different kinds of swim experience!

Intermediate Dock

Heeey! I’m Intermediate Dock! I’m named perfectly because I fall right in the middle of difficulty level when it comes to Camp swim areas! I’m nice and deep, which makes for the perfect cannonball water. But I also have a ledge that is perfect to stand on if you’re a little unsure about the depth. I am also home to Camp’s very own floating slide dock! I love watching Campers having fun and sliding down. You can hear the giggles on the other side of the Cove! I’m also stop number two on the Small and Medium Triangle! I hope to see you in the Summer!

Spider Rock

Noonway, I’m Spider Rock. I like to think of myself as being the most unique swim area in Camp. I’m nice and secluded, and from my rock you can see all the way into Junior Cove. Some people like to joke that I’m called Spider Rock because my Rock Island is covered in spiders, but it’s actually because, from above, the rock formations at the bottom of my swim area spread out and look like the body and legs of a spider. I think that’s pretty cool. A short walk into the trees and there I am! I even contain one of the only two places you can dive in Camp! I’m definitely a swim area for the more advanced swimmers, but I get to see everyone as they work they way up in the Swim Program!

Still Water

I may be still but I am anything but boring! I get to hang out with the Canoers and watch the Water Ski and Wake Boarders! I’m often caught in the middle of the friendly competition of those two popular activities! I get to see all the action! I get to swim with Intermediate swimmers and up. I am the Senior Girls’ favorite Jump-In/Jump-Out spot (especially after Project Color Runway!) My view from Camp is one of the most iconic and what people associate with Camp, Anthony’s Nose! It’s big and beautiful and I get to look at it every day! Come swim with me and you will too!

Senior Point

Nooners Y’all! I’m Senior Point and I am one of everyone’s favorite swim spots in Camp! I’m definitely not for the faint of heart. I am the most advanced swim spot in Camp and have AH-MAZING views! It’s Black Mountain all the way, baby! I get wavy and you’re always in for a good time at Senior. I pride myself on being the best spot to catch some sun on the Peninsula, as well as getting to hang out with the windsurfers and getting to watch them and Sailing zoom around the lake. I’m close to the Senior Boys’ cabins so I chill with them in the mornings during Polar Bear, as well as getting to chill with all the Seniors during their “Beach Party” Line Nights. I may not have a beach, but I’ve got windswept shores of stone, and it doesn’t get any better than that, dude.

The Swim Areas cannot wait to meet the new faces coming to Camp in the Summer, as well as seeing all those familiar friends that have swam in beautiful Lake George in previous years. Swimming at Camp is one of the best things to do over the summer and WE LOVE LAKE GEORGE!

Adirondack Camp 2018 Winter Gathering

by Chris

Thursday, February 15th 2018 at 3:01pm

Come enjoy pizza, and bowling with our Owners, Director Matt Basinet, Assistant Camp Director Merritt Duffy, Director of Admissions Rikki Galusha, Head Counselor Chris Daugherty, and some of our summer staff.

Please RSVP By February 28th if you plan to attend. If you have any questions please contact

For more information please check out our Facebook event.

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at ADK!

by Chris

Tuesday, February 13th 2018 at 9:39pm

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at ADK!
By: Nicolette Brick

Valentine’s day is an opportunity for us to tell the people in our lives how much we love them, and we all know that it’s the little things about camp that make it so special to us. Just like we like to say, “from the outside looking in, you could never understand it, and from the inside looking out, you could never explain it.” But we want to try! Past and present staff want to take a moment to tell you 14 things we love about camp!

1.“ Carlo’s chicken patties.” – Ashley J

2. “The water slide, specifically when it is free.” – Jon L

3. “That split second when you’ve committed to jumping in for Polar Bear but you aren’t yet wet!” – Ryan H

4. “The thrill of joining Eagle I” – Brad G

5. “The feeling you get when you see that awesome lake in the mornings” – Luis A

6. “The Magic at the top of every mountain” – Lara M

7. “The view from the rappelling cliffs and seeing everyone for the first time after several months apart!” – Veronica M

8. “SAWSAGE” – Isabella C

9. “The wild welcoming committee that assembles at the bottom of the hill when the air horn blows to announce the bus from NYC has arrived!” – Elizabeth D

10. “Of course, the fun of multiple water activities teaming up and/or battling on the lake for WET N’ WIIIIIIILD WEDNESDAAAAY” – Peter F

11. “The flurry of “Taps!” “What?” “TAPS” spreading up and down the line that happens and makes everyone almost miss it bc everyone’s whisper-yelling to turn off flashlights” – Sydney M

12. “Canoe wars” – Christian VP

13. “That every once in a while when the Dining Hall is just rocking out to song after song, and we have to rush the evening activity, but no one cares” – JR H

14. “Watching the campers on the first day running around finding their friends and seeing their reunion” – August K

And one for good luck ;)

“I guess for me the biggest things that I love and think about when I’m not at camp are the sounds…I miss both the amazing sounds you get to hear at night, and the lack of silence with the animals, bugs, wind, and water. Also during the day the sounds of joy and excitement all surrounding a universal love.” – Danny L

Of course, we could not put into words all of the amazing experiences and feelings that camp gives us, but this gives you a little glimpse of what the staff sees that keeps us coming back, and what makes Camp such a special place in our hearts. We love being able to share what we love about Camp with you. Comment down below the things that you love about it!


some quotes edited for length or clarity

The Ultimate Winter Blues Camp Playlist

by Chris

Tuesday, February 6th 2018 at 10:22pm

The Ultimate Winter Blues Camp Playlist
By: Nicolette Brick

The month of February means lots of things to lots of different people. For some, it means Valentines Day, Groundhog’s Day, the hope for a shorter winter (for us northern hemisphere friends), New Zealand’s Waitangi Day, and many more! For a lot of people, February is also right when the winter slump begins to hit. It’s cold, it’s gloomy, and summer seems eons away.

Lucky for you, we’ve put together a camp playlist for you to listen to to get through those winter blues!

To remind you of all the fun we had in the weekly videos.

1. Fire in my Soul – Walk Off the Earth

2. American Nomad – The Apache Relay

3. Lucky Day – Hunter Hunted

4. Waiting for you – Grizfolk

To awaken your inner dance moves.

5. Believer – Imagine Dragons

6. Let Me Clear My Throat – DJ Kool

7. Iris – The Goo Goo Dolls

8. Stairway To Heaven – Led Zeppelin

To remind you of all the random good times.

9. Angels – Robbie William

10. White Tiger – Izzy Bizu

To make you want to sing around the campfire.

11. Wagon Wheel – Darius Rucker

12. Put Your Records On – Corinne Bailey Rae

13. Cat’s In the Cradle – Harry Chapin

14. If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out -

And finally, one to make you tear up a little bit.

15. Adirondack – Bart Dentino

So there you have it! The ultimate Camp playlist to get you through the roughest time of the year for campsickness. We hope that this will remind you of all the wonderful times you’ve had on the Peninsula, and if you’re new to Camp, will show you the soundtrack to our summer and a little glimpse of what camp is all about.

Comment below if you have any other songs on your camp playlist!


Special thanks to Jack Evans

Adirondack Camp NYC Meet & Greet

by Chris

Thursday, February 1st 2018 at 3:00pm

The Lucas Family would like to invite you to join us to learn more about being a camper this summer at Adirondack Camp. Enjoy some snacks and beverages as you hear about summer fun at one of the world’s greatest summer camps on Lake George, NY


For more information please check out our Facebook event.

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