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Archives for August, 2013

He becomes a young man and can still be a child at heart!

by Chris

Wednesday, August 21st 2013 at 2:24pm

This camp holds a special place for he becomes a young man he can still be a child at heart..let go of the phones and video games etc and continue a love for the outdoors with friendships he has built over the years and with new friends. I can’t say enough about how important this 7 year experience has been.

- Megan R. Parent

Herbie's School of Rock

by Chris

Tuesday, August 20th 2013 at 5:49pm

Herbie’s School of Rock

Check out the song our campers wrote this summer. Herbie’s School of Rock!

Check out some of the highlights of summer 2013!

by Chris

Monday, August 19th 2013 at 7:11pm

Candlelight summer 2013.

Water-ski behind a canoe.

Last Dance of the summer.

Blue Team original song.


Sailing on beautiful lake George.

Camp is so fun it makes you do flips.

End of session 1.

Wish boards at the end of session 1.

Pokemon gotta catch them all!

Jr cove.

Cabin night.

SUP yoga.

Aquatic Eagle~i.

Black Mountain party.

Week 6 Cabin Blogs

by Chris

Sunday, August 4th 2013 at 3:05am

Deer Cabin had an adventurous week of trying new activities and even going on trips. Three of the girls went on a hike up Black Mountain and had lots of fun. They can’t stop singing the Mushroom Song and many other girls are now inspired to go on trips as well. For line night, the girls put their knowledge to the test and played “How Well Do You Know Your Counselor?” They know our favorite colors, but they were not experts on the type of toothpaste we use. On cabin night we all relaxed together and watched our favorite bedtime story, Peter Pan, in the staff lounge. The whole cabin was sad to see 3 of our girls leave but we’re happy we got the chance to make new friends. We’ll miss you Marley, Kate and Amelia!

Favorite things that happened this week:
Chicken Patties! (Favorite Meal)
Junior Athletics (Favorite Activity)
Polaroid Picture Taking (Favorite Rest Hour Activity)
Becoming Braves at Awiskini (Favorite Moment)

Things overheard in the cabin this week:
“I love the wilderness!”
“Peter Pan was so funny!”
“Let’s practice the camp song!”

Fox Cabin started off this week with a bang! On Monday the Junior/Intermediate Line shuffled into the dining hall to play “How Well Do You Know Your Counselor?” We were pleased to discover that the girls knew us very well! Tuesday night was Awiskini and four girls became Braves after a lot of hard work! Wednesday night Juniors play Blue/White “Treasure Hunt,” searching parts of camp for the treasured red ruby. Thursday the girls had a blast on SUP boards for their cabin night.

Overheard in the cabin this week…
“The best part of SUPing was falling off the boards and splashing each other!”
“I finally became a Brave tonight! It was so cool to become a Brave in front of all my friends!”
“I got up on water skis for 5 minutes today!!”

An acrostic poem cabin blog:
Always having fun…
“Do you know your counselors?” for line night
Inspection Winners
Really excited for Special Day!
Overnight trips
“Nothing was boring!”
Dance time!
Awiskini, where many of our girls became Braves
Cabin night tie-dyeing!
Katya and Katherine windsurfed for the first time

Culinary Fun creations
Amy, Kirsty, Maddie, and Sofia are leaving this weekend, and we’ll miss them!
Maddie was able to drop a ski in waterskiing, and Kirsty stood up for her first time
Polar Bear swims!

This week in Caribou Cabin was awesome! We started off the week with Junior/Intermediate line night, during which we played “How Well Do You Know Your Counselor?” Caribou was among the second place cabins, which means they know us pretty well. Tuesday night was Awiskini and Ashley demonstrated great spirit by becoming a Brave. Several other girls in the cabin, including Sydney, are striving to become Braves as well. The girls all participated in Intermediate Blue/White hockey, with Chloe, Ashley, Catherine, and Leigh playing in the All-star round. For cabin night, Caribou went tubing! Birthday girl Sydney said that tubing was the best gift ever, especially since it was her first time. We were all sorry to see Leigh, Chloe, Roberta, Abbie, and Mimi leave, but we look forward to the last couple of weeks of our summer at camp!

As Mink Cabin plunged into the 6th week at camp, we continued to try each activity at camp. This week, we tried kayaking for cabin night. The girls still had an amazing time, especially with the yummy snacks afterwards. The girls all participated in Blue/White Ultimate Frisbee Wednesday night and continued working toward becoming Braves. Sydney and Eliza both passed their silence tests and soon Ruby, May, and Madeline will. Other achievements include Leadora and Madeline breaking the record in the Medium Triangle swim with times under 25 minutes. Alice and Zan both traveled down the Sacandaga river on a whitewater kayaking trip. Ruby, Madeline, and Leadora all went on the Matthys family picnic trip. All in all, Week 6 was a phenomenal week in Mink Cabin.

“Noonway” from the peninsula! The girls returned from their overnight together so excited that they signed up for another one next week! Anna N., Sofia, and Ava showed excellent spirit in becoming Braves and participating in Awiskini. Gigi, Kyle, and Eliza passed their silence tests this week; How Discipline! Culinary Fun cook-off was this week and Sofia, Anna A., Katya took it by storm. They laid in bed that night repeating “I’m so full!” Needless to say, they slept well that night. Eliza and Gigi have taken great initiative leading inspection clean-up in the morning, with the scores rising each day! We still end each night with Masha serenading the cabin, per request of the girls. We are really enjoying the spunk and individualism of this cabin!

Panther Cabin has been having a great second week. Now that we’re all settled in, we’re really getting into activities. Arina and Steph have been working on becoming Braves and just need to complete their silence test! For cabin night we went snorkeling at sailing dock and intermediate dock. The girls had a really fun time playing Blue/White Senior Ultimate Frisbee and Lauren even scored two points!

Overheard in the cabin this week…
“I loved canoeing this week!”
“I tried kayaking for the first time and loved it!”
“Blue/White Sailing was awesome! My boat came in first!”

Week 6 for Northwind Cabin started off with screams of joy and terror as the girls went tubing for cabin night. The quest for Brave-hood continued with girls still trying to pass their silence tests. For line night we got out of the rain to watch a movie. The girls continue to show their skills and excellence in their activities. Julia and Sydney participated in Blue/White fencing, Sam participated in Blue/White windsurfing, and Ashley, Andie, Oriana, and Kate are all participating in a camper/counselor tennis tournament. Andie and Kate also went on a four day whitewater kayaking trip in Canada! The girls all showed immense cooperation during inspection this week: we got an 88 out of 90 one day! We look forward to next week with Ashley’s Sing Off song, Blue/White kayaking, and the end of the Patryk tennis tournament.

Overheard in the cabin this week…
“I love learning Russian so I can better communicate with Julia and Sofya!” — Abby
“I’m so excited to finish my 46ers next week!” — Elena
“Tubing with the cabin took a lot of courage and really brought us all together!”
“I’m so proud that I did well in B/W fencing, I love fencing!” — Julia

Wolf Den
It was a busy and fun week in Wolf Den. Kyra, Julie, and Hannah all went on trips that they loved — Kyra’s lasted 3 days! The girls all bonded over a movie at our “slumber party” in the pavilion for line night. Effort was definitely the plaque of the week, as the Rangers did a great job running the dining hall during meals. And despite the spot of rain this week, the girls have been enjoying their time on the peninsula in activities like windsurfing, SUP, and tennis.

Overheard in the cabin this week:

“I can’t wait for Blue/White windsurfing!”
“I loved hanging out with everyone at line night!”
“My trip was awesome. The staff made the long hiking fun.”

This week in Jay cabin we had so much fun! Everyone participated in the junior Blue/White event, “Treasure Hunt.” Both teams searched the Senior Boys’ Line for gold, silver, and the lost red ruby, trying to gather the most for their team in order to win. Later in the week, Jay and Hawk cabins came together for cabin night. We all cooperated in playing a card game invented in Canada. Various members of Jay cabin went on trips this week as well. Overall, Jay Cabin is doing well and enjoying the sunshine. The kids have challenged themselves by participating in a number of new activities, trying new foods, and making new friends. We are sad to see our beloved cabinmates Andrew C. and Fintan M. leave, but we look forward to our last week and a half of summer!

This past week Crow Cabin members have grown immensely as both a group and individuals! The boys are having a blast in activities, special events like line night and Blue/White, and even just hanging out with each other in the cabin. Our new campers have fully embraced the ADK experience and act like they’ve been going here for years! We proudly won the Junior Inspection Banner this past week and hope to hold on to that honor for Week Seven. Many new memories and friendships have been made this past week and Crow is super excited for what’s next at camp!

A few things that our campers happily proclaimed this past week:
“I passed my silence test!”
“Camp is sooo much fun, I’m so glad I came here!”
“The pulled-pork was the best meal of the summer!”

It has been another great week in Owl Cabin! We shook off our first-week jitters and marched boldly into the second week of the session. We saw new Brave inductions at Awiskini, an alien invasion at sci-fi lunch, and the Stanley Cup of the greater Lake George area: Blue/White Intermediate Hockey. Activities have been terrific as usual, with particular favorites including Archery, Windsurfing, and Teepee Magic with Zelda. Meanwhile, the Owl boys displayed both effort and creativity on Thursday’s rainy cabin night; we made pets, friends, and summer mementos out of paint and rocks from the lake.

Overheard in the cabin this week…
“I love shooting at the targets!” — Hugo M. on Archery
“I worked really hard all week and I was really nervous, but I finally got my black arrow in archery!” —Tom M.

Hawk Cabin had an awesome week. Two campers became Braves this week, meaning over half of our campers are Braves. The boys then competed in Blue/White Hockey the next night. Many of our campers were not just stars, but all-stars in the game. They played so well that they were asked to play in the all-star quarter. We wrapped up our week with a cabin overnight trip to Chapel. We roasted s’mores, told stories, and really unified as a cabin. It was a spectacular week for Hawk Cabin.

Overheard in the cabin this week…
“I’m glad I’ve made so many friends already!”
“My highlight this summer was learning to roll a kayak!”
“After the overnight, I’m ready to try harder to help each other!”

Gull Cabin has had a very busy week. One goal has been to do well on inspection so we can keep the intermediate inspection winner banner on our door. In swimming James has been working on fitness and conditioning. Will and Sam having been playing some great tennis matches. Korben’s been enjoying playing Magic the Gathering and canoeing. Fran led his first climb and made it all the way to the top before being belayed down. Jake and Marshall have learned some new card games, like poker, and have had a great time teaming up and challenging others to card games. It has been a great week and we are looking forward to even more fun next week!

Saturday saw the return of the long-awaited Blue/White Capture the Flag event. Each Moose cabin member displayed great effort and spirit under a baking sun, with Blue taking the victory. We entered the App Store for Special Day on Sunday with Moose Cabin split into four teams, all attempting to win real life mini-games of certain apps. This included evading pursuing monkeys in camp’s very own version of Temple Run. This ultra-special Special Day was concluded with our weekly Gathering event, a time for the entire camp to come together and share thoughts. Cabin night on Monday came next. We played games of soccer and basketball displaying the cabin’s competitive side. Finally, we had Blue/White Ultimate Frisbee on Wednesday. That concluded an action-packed week which the cabin thoroughly enjoyed.

Overheard in the cabin this week…
“On cabin night, I really enjoyed playing soccer with all of my friends.” – Klim T.
“I’m so glad to be back at camp. The Adirondacks are so beautiful.” – Peter F.

This week in Bear cabin, the cubs went canoeing for cabin night. Everyone flipped their canoes and got very wet. Garret got his skipper in sailing and did yoga on the front of a boat. Caleb managed to get up in windsurfing and actually stay on. Connor got his kayak roll. Dylan participated in Blue/White waterskiing and won. Davis performed a surface 180 in wakeboarding. Then ADK turned into Vegas for cabin night with casino activities running with candy to be won. Jamie, Connor, Aaron and Jack went on an awesome fly fishing trip.

Overheard in the cabin this week…
“Are you on your silence test?”
“We miss Zelda’s Teepee!”

“Buffalo Cabin, 4 missing but accounted for!” Four members of our beloved cabin were out kayaking and climbing 46ers, conquering land and water! Once they returned they stated, “Simply amazing!” Within the cabin we made a blueprint of our cabin fort. Also our group enjoyed playing tennis and cards for our cabin night. Thursday the dining hall was transformed into a casino for more games and most importantly, candy. Overall the cabin is getting along very well and several members are stepping up as leaders within the community and within our cabin family.

This week Elk Cabin logged quite a few accomplishments. Dani and Anton broke the Medium Triangle swimming record. Yuvi completed a 4-day trip successfully. Morgan and Peter have been reading short stories every evening. We all enjoyed a casino-themed line night and went tubing for cabin night. We were this week’s Senior Boys Inspection Winners. August learned his kayaking hand roll. At Gathering some of our cabin members spoke about an ADK plaque, courage.

Overheard in the cabin this week…
“My dream is to become fencing staff one day!”
“I beat the Medium Triangle swimming time record!”
“I ran my own game at Casino Night!”

Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse had another great week at ADK. This week the Horse gained two new campers, Kourosh and Firouz. Kourosh has been essential to Blue/White Sailing, bringing the White Team back in the game. After that they were only down by one point! Firouz has been challenging himself in the land sports such as basketball and soccer. He has been working on his shot all week and has shown great improvement. For cabin night, all of the Rangers teamed up to test out a new type of game that would be coming to ADK. It was a game that had to do with cultural immersion and all of the Rangers really enjoyed it. For line night, all of the senior boys went down to the mess hall for a casino-themed game night. They played blackjack, poker and even roulette! The winners of poker night received different types of Magic the Gathering cards, which they were really excited about. The challenge that the Rangers were presented with this week was to run all of the meals in the dining hall. They were assigned to bring the food out, set up the dining hall and to even assist with dishwashing. The Rangers have gotten great feedback from campers and staff after taking responsibility and showing leadership in the dining hall. At the end of this week, the Horse decided to relax and watch a movie for cabin night. The movie of choice was Megashark vs. Giant Octopus.

Overheard in the cabin this week…
“The Rangers have helped make the mess hall more organized and efficient.”
“I really enjoyed the games that we played during line night. Not only did I have a good time, but I also got to learn about other cultures.”
“Camp is going by so fast— I feel like I just got here!”
“I’m looking forward to the basketball clinic next week!”

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