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Adirondack Camp 110th Reunion. "All Present and Accounted For Sir!"

by Chris

Tuesday, February 4th 2014 at 9:26pm

Adirondack Camp would like to invite you to celebrate our 110th summer! Please join us for a weekend of fun and relive the memories of our Camp years. Family and friends are welcome. We will be running some of your favorite Camp events and activities.

The reunion will start on Friday August 15th @ Dinner till Sunday August 17th @ Brunch.

Registration is now open and you can apply online by clicking the link below.

The registration form will ask you to pay by credit card, if you would like to pay by check please complete the registration form and mail a check to:

Adirondack Camp
PO Box 97
Putnam Station NY, 12861

Please check our website within the coming weeks for more information.

If you have any questions please contact us at

New Maintenance Facility.

by Chris

Friday, November 1st 2013 at 8:14pm

Tim, Steve, and Don have been hard at work building a new maintenance facility for camp. Tim and has crew cleaned and tore down the old barn. A new maintenance facility has gone up in its place. Take a look at some of the pictures below.

Happy Birthday to you HOW!!!!!

by Chris

Friday, November 9th 2012 at 2:32pm

Adirondack Camp would like to wish a huge Happy Birthday to all our alumni who have birthdays in the month of November!

Alberto M
Alex D
Alexi D
Andres D
Andrew F
Andy C
Annemarie S
Antonio R
Benjamin D
Bruce B
Cal M
Carlo P
Carly S
Casey C
Chloe W
Clay W
Colin B
Colleen R
Daniel K
Daria D
Darius C
David B
David B
David K
David P
Dayle D
Destiny T
Diane I
Dick M
Dillon E
Donna S
Doug M
Elena R
Elika P
Elizabeth A
Emilia L
Emily R
Emma B
Eoin K
Eugene F
Eva B
Gabor B
Gabriel T
Gabrielle R
Gael L
Geoff S
Gilbert K
Guan L
Halsey V
Hillary W
Iciar A
Ignacio A
Jack R
Jack W
Jacob S
James S
Jesse K
Joel G
John B
Johnny R
Jonathan B
Joshua R
Joshua T
Joshua Y
Julia H
Justin L
Kat K
Kate B
Keenan M
Kirstin T
Kristopher W
Krysta S
Lazare R
Leslie A
Liam O
Linsey G
Lisa B
Luis M
Zabala H
Lydia L
Maria D
Mark M
Matthew D
Matthew M
Max R
Michal K
Michelle C
Molly K
Monica A
Nick P
Noah B
Olivia A
Pablo S
Pauline B
Peter G
Pia S
Ravindra C
Raymond P
Rebecca W
Richard O
Richard F
Romai B
Roselyne P
Ryan A
Sarah R
Sarah S
Seldy G
Spencer B
Stephen G
Svetlana M
Tara S
Tegan O
Teron C
Tina M
Tony T
Victor D
William C
William K
William W
Wood S
Zachary M

Happy Birthday to you HOW!!!!!

by Chris

Monday, October 15th 2012 at 4:18pm

Adirondack Camp would like to wish a huge Happy Birthday to all our alumni who have birthdays in the month of October!

Adam E
Alan S
Alex F
Alex O
Alexandra C
Allan G
Allana G
Alma A
Amanda H
Angele M
Anna Minhua S
Anna-Karin M
Anne V
Ben K
Ben T
Beth F
Brandon S
Caitlin L
Caitlin E. C
Carol A
Caroline C
Caroline S
Catherine R
Charles N
Charles N
Charlie N
Christine C
Christopher B
Claire S
Connor B
Cynthia R
David S
Dennis P
Dila O
Douglas C
Eleanor J
Elizabeth M
Ellen F
Ellowyn K
Emery C
Emily C
Emma T
Erica C
Evgeny B
Francois R
Frank S
Fred K
Frederick L
Gaby M
Gates W
Gemma B
George L
Giancarlo G
Gino K
Grace B
Gregg N
Guillermo W
Gus C
Hannah B
Hannah D
Henry C
Hugo A
J.R. H
Jai Nicole B
James C. G
Javier B
Jeroen F
Jesse B
Jessica F
Jim G
Joaquin C
Joel S
Jose Miguel A
Joseph M
Joshua D
Julia B
Justin P
Kaitlin C
Kalie G
Karl S
Karly G
Kate H
Katherine S
Kelly M
Kendrick P
Kyleigh N
Lauren P
Leo M
Leonid K
Lisanne W
Malcolm S
Marc D
Marcin C
Margueite M
Maria H
Maria O
Maria Antonia C
Marta C
Mathilde B
Matt S
Matthew S
Matthew S
Matthew T
Max G
Max R
Maya K
Megan K
Michelle T
Miles T
Millie D
Molly O
Nicholas G
Olivia M
Olukorede S
Omar S
Oriana B
Paul B
Paul D
Peter D
Pieter H
Rebecca G
Renee M
Rentaro M
Robert W
Rocky B
Roderick H
Ryan H
Sam N
Samuel G
Sarah B
Sarah M
Sarah R
Shannon M
Stephanie B
Stephen B
Susan G
Thomas L
Thomas M
Tim C
Tucker K
Van F
Vittoria P
Vladimir T
Wendy H
William P
William P

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