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Archives for July, 2012

Comments by Will

by Chris

Saturday, July 28th 2012 at 4:06am

1. Archery helped me interact with other campers and improved my shooting!
2. SUP om Lake George has been my favorite experience!
3. The staff here are nicer then anywhere else!
4. Food at ADK? No contest! Coffee Cake ROCKS!
5. Hands down the funnest Cabin and Line nights EVER!
6. Cleanest camp ever!
7. The camper’s are fun, funny, and super nice!
8. Fencing = Amazing!
9. Awesome chants and songs in the dinning hall!
10. Blue/White color war is amazing!

- Will F

Living with a International Camper

by Chris

Saturday, July 28th 2012 at 3:43am

I have been in a cabin with one of our international campers for two years. it is amazing to see her English expand. While she’s made friends with other Spanish speaking campers, The effort she puts into Interacting with her cabin mates is astounding! I love learning new things from her as well as sharing them!

- Paige B

A Toast

by Chris

Tuesday, July 17th 2012 at 9:04pm

Let us raise or metaphorical glasses, filled with memories, stories and laughter, and let us toast. Here’s to a summer of a lifetime, to scenery like no where else. here’s to being yourself and letting loose. Let us toast to “noonway” and “how”. Let us be grateful for the opportunity to spend the summer on the lake.Here’s to every mile traveled to get here. Here’s to no Make-up and wearing pajamas all day. Let us toast to themed lunches and crazy dances. Here’s to bug nets and buglers and Taps. Let us toast to Junior, and Intermediates dock. to Spider Rock and to Senior and Sign Point. Here’s to crazy creeks and crazy people. Here’s to the most amazing sunsets and clear water. To the Campers, Rangers, CIT’s and Staff. Here’s to you, me, us, and everyone. Here’s to another summer to remember, and here’s to never missing another summer again.


Written by Nicolette B CIT, Summer 2012

Hear what a visitor with Camp America had to say after a tour of Adirondack Camp!

by Chris

Friday, July 13th 2012 at 5:16am

Dear Matt

I met you last week when visiting with the group from Camp America. Thank you so much to everyone for your time and hospitality – especially the swim in the lake. The staff and campers are all so friendly and positive.

Adirondack Camp is clearly a special place – and I will be recommending that my students [and others such as on our youth work and education programmes] – apply to your camp through Camp America.

Have a great summer. Best wishes and I look forward to meeting you again.



PS Could you please upload a video to YouTube of the response to making an “announcement” – I am still laughing at that!!

Dr Mark Leather

International Lead for Faculty of Sport
Senior Lecturer Department of Outdoor Learning
University College Plymouth St Mark & St John

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