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Archives for July, 2019

Sr Girls Cabin Blogs

by Chris

Friday, July 12th 2019 at 9:54pm

Cougar Cabin

We had a great week two in cougar cabin! This week they spent cabin night paddling SUP boards and chilling on the lake! They focused on cooperation and cabin bonding as well as mastering new skills in their activities!

Sophie explored the Adirondacks on her two awesome hiking trips this week, Paige had a blast making yummy snacks in culinary fun, Francesca flew across the lake in windsurfing, Kara loved hanging with her friends during adventure period, Raleigh continued to hone her skills with Magic the Gathering, Sana got up Wakesurfing, Mia made beautiful pottery with the guest artists in ceramics, Ella hung out in the water in windsurfing S.U.P. and snorkeling, Margaux got even closer with all her new friends, and Violette was a superstar in wakeboarding!

We were sad to say goodbye to Margaux this weekend, but the girls are so excited to see their new friend again next summer!

Stay tuned for week three cabin vlogs!


Sydney, Eimear, And Beth

Panther Cabin

Panther had a blast week two! The girls bounced around the peninsula doing all kinds of fun activities and strengthening the already close friendships they’ve made!

Reagan had a blast mastering new skills in kayaking, Lulu hung out on the lake in advanced canoeing, Marianne showed off her impressive skills with another week in sailing, Vivienne made all sorts of yummy snacks in culinary fun, Rose stretched her artistic muscles making wire self-portraits, Sophie zoomed around the peninsula in advanced windsurfing, Aditi worked on her roll in kayaking, Cassia spend the whole week in the lake with kayaking sailing and water games, Emily loved being on the boats in wakeboarding, Jenna had fun in the sun during volleyball all week, and Ellen smashed it this week in waterskiing!

Stay tuned for week three cabin vlogs!


Alanah, Julie, and Olivia

Northwind Cabin

Northwind had a rocking week two! The girls spent cabin night roasting marshmallows at the intermediate firepit and becoming even closer as a cabin!

Maia spent the week exploring her creative side in photography, Julia absolutely crushed it in sailing and is looking forward to competing next week in blue-white sailing, Phoebe created another masterpiece in eagle eye video, Zoey had a blast in advanced basketball, Isabel worked on her slaloming skills in waterskiing, Lauren made delicious treats in culinary fun, Samantha rocked it in soccer, Lainey had a blast playing volleyball with her friends, Sallie loved floating on the lake in S.U.P. and Arielle made beautiful art in Plein Air Painting.

Stay tuned for week three cabin vlogs!


Jules, Brooke, and Emma

Wolf Den Cabin

Wolf Den had an amazing second week! The girls got to enjoy tubing for their cabin night because they won inspection, and they spent the week honing their already impressive skills in all kinds of activities.

Anna, Grace, Mary rose, and Amelia all enjoyed their advanced canoeing class together. They helped teach the younger kids and got to relax and float on the lake! Aine enjoyed taking both windsurfing and advanced windsurfing this week, Clara showed off her skills in both basketball and advanced basketball, Melina filled her schedule with double kayaking and practiced her roll, Elisabeth crushed it in tennis and then relaxed by making tasty treats in culinary fun, Laura made some awesome art in glass fusing, Ellie loved sparing in kayaking and making new routes in rock climbing, Cerise had a blast working on her moves in wakeboarding, Nya enjoyed culinary fun and volleyball, Shae made a beautiful plate in ceramics, and Sydney felt the wind in her sails in sailing!

Stay tuned for week three cabin vlogs!


Eva, Elle, and Sydney

Jr/Intermediate Girls Cabin Blogs

by Chris

Wednesday, July 10th 2019 at 1:54pm

Mink Cabin

Mink Cabin has had a wonderful second week at ADK! Eleanor, Laurie, Clara, and Daisy had an incredible time roasting marshmallows at the girls’ campfire for Cabin Night on Monday, where they bonded with the counselors and learned how to make a fire! They also enjoyed representing the girl’s line in Blue/White soccer on Wednesday.

Eleanor has really been enjoying getting to know everyone at Camp; she almost has all the counselor’s names memorized! Laurie had an awesome time making wire sculptures in creative arts this week. Clara really enjoyed sailing on Lake George- an activity she excels at, and also practicing her archery skills for the second week in a row! Daisy had fun performing her dance for the entire Camp, and really loved going on her micro trip!

The four girls were really proud of themselves for winning the Junior Inspection Banner two weeks in a row- they’re working hard to claim it for the third!

This week we also had to say goodbye to Daisy. The three girls have loved getting to know her, and can’t wait to see their new friend next year!

Stay tuned for week 3!

Mill, Anna, Esther, and Vicki

Deer Cabin

What a great second week in Deer Cabin! Deer girls have spent the week getting to know each other better, and the returners have warmly welcomed the new campers! This week the girls went tubing for Cabin Night- a Camp-wide favorite! They loved spending time on the boat with the whole cabin and counselors.

Ginevra expressed that this was her favorite part of the week, and she has also enjoyed being White Team Junior Captain! Natalie learned how to SUP for the first time, and that has become her new favorite activity! Rachel has loved going on trips, and also taking Dance! Sammie continues to try new activities every week, and make new friends with campers all over Camp! Marlene loved taking ceramics for the second week in a row, and also went on some hiking trips. Matilda took Dance with some of the girls in Deer Cabin, and also went on the art trip.

This week we were sad to say goodbye to Marlene and Matilda. We had some much fun getting to know them during these two weeks, and can’t wait to see them next year!

Stay tuned for week 3!

Fiona, Liv, Lexi, and Meredith

Fox Cabin

Fox Cabin is loving week two at ADK! A cabin of mostly returners, they spent week two focusing on activities that they wanted to master.

They started off the week by welcoming Lucy, a familiar face from last summer. Lucy enjoyed taking canoeing, ceramics, and soccer! Grace, Zuza, Xan, Tate, and Charlie all passed their tests of silence, service, and memory, and are now Adirondack Braves! Haley was very excited to turn10 years old, and also to get up on one ski! Morgan has been working hard in kayaking and is focusing on getting her handroll.

Each week, Fox Cabin sets personal goals that they work to achieve throughout the summer. They hang the goals on the cabin wall where they are visible to the entire cabin. The girls are all doing a great job working towards these goals, and the counselors have seen so much growth and development because of them!

We were sad to say goodbye to Charlie, who was heading home after two weeks. Charlie won the award for “Best New Camper on the Intermediate Girls ’Line”. The impact she had on the entire cabin was incredible, and we look forward to seeing her next year! Lucy is also leaving us, and we can’t wait to see her next summer as well.

Stayed tuned for week 3!

Zan, Grace, Rileigh, and Plum

Lynx Cabin

What a lovely week 2 in Lynx Cabin! This week Olivia and Orchid were welcomed to the cabin, two familiar faces that were excited to jump right in! The girls started off the week by having a spa night in the Yacht Club. They were able to use face masks, paint their nails, and relax with their cabin mates and counselors.

Jada was excited to continue her role as White Team Intermediate Captain, while her team didn’t win, her leadership really shined! Lila had a great time in three different art classes, she took ceramics, pinch pot monsters, and improv. Gabby continues to be a good friend to every girl inside her cabin, and is starting to meet girls in other cabins too! Emmanuelle got to practice her wakeboarding for the second week in a row. Hazel got a chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones. And Calliope did an awesome job competing in Blue/White ultimate frisbee.

Lynx Cabin’s highlights of the week include making up their own versions of ADK’s donut song, playing sponge dodgeball against Hawk Cabin during Line Night, and spending time in cool Lake George.

Stayed tuned for week 3!

Ava, Gina, Taylor, and Madi

Caribou Cabin

Caribou had an awesome time during their second week of the summer! The girls continue to be strong leaders at Camp, both in their activities and on the Girl’s Line!

Ruthie is having such a great first summer, and she was so thankful that she could extend her stay to four weeks! Heidi continues to be an incredible Blue Team Intermediate Captain. She led her team to two wins this week one in flag football, and one in ultimate frisbee! Charlotte continues to be an incredible friend in the cabin, always lending a helping hand when needed. Sarah has been excited about using the plate she made in ceramics for each meal, doing her part to save the planet! Bella was excited to be able to try SUP and canoeing for the second week in a row. Sophia is loving getting to catch up with old friends and is being a strong leader for the newer and younger campers. Katya was trying activities all over the peninsula this week- she was on the land, in the water, and taking arts!

The Caribou girls were excited to win the Intermediate Inspection Banner for the second week in a row, and they are already planning on keeping their cabin super clean for the third. The girls especially loved Line Night. They had a great time playing sponge dodgeball against the boys in Gull Cabin!

Stay tuned for week 3!

Alice, Claire, Hermione, and Meg

Sr Boys Cabin Blogs

by Chris

Monday, July 8th 2019 at 3:43pm

Elk Cabin Blog

Elk Cabin has been rolling right along in week one at Adirondack Camp. The campers have given their highlights! Many of the campers this week were improving their skills behind the waterski boats! In these activities, Artem managed to stand up on a Slalom ski. Likewise, Mateo learned to wake surf with the wave and without the rope from the boat. Trey has also been trying to learn new tricks while wakeboarding. Henry got the chance to white water kayak down the Sacandaga River. Tanner enjoyed pleasure cruises in canoeing. Philip enjoyed getting out on the water for S.U.P sunny mornings and afternoons. Finn got the chance to catch up with old friends and made some new ones. Zeke also enjoyed making new friends and participating in rock climbing. Carter really enjoyed fishing and Chris passed his silence test on the first day on his first try!

We are sad to say goodbye to Carter and Zeke who are heading home. We had a great two weeks with them and hope to see them back next summer!

How Elk!

-Dylan, Gabe and Michael

Crazy Horse Cabin Blog

Crazy Horse Cabin has had an immense start to the summer. Everyone has been super stoked to see each other and catch up. This has made for a great start to the summer. It’s been a big week for kayaking, with Aiden and Taylor getting their rolls! Likewise, Pasha learned his hand roll, and Greg came back to kayaking after a long break. Paul ran the Sacandaga River for his 19th time, Pasha and Aiden are training to go down it next week! Max is stoked to get back to windsurfing with Malek trying it for his first time. Charles finally reached his goal of standing up on a wake surfing board. Aarish excelled at archery, earning a blue dog tag for his efforts. Arion was proficient in rock climbing, making it to the rock-climbing trip within only one week for training. Kas has also enjoyed rock climbing with his cabin staff Ben! Timothée has been enjoying the challenge of playing against a range of talented players in basketball. Jack led the White team to an impressive comeback against the Blue team in Blue/White dodgeball and was subsequently elected White team captain the next day! Patch has been doing awesome in wake surfing and is starting to surf without holding on to the rope. Andreas and Jules have gelled with their cabin mates very well after only two days and have respectively enjoyed wakeboarding and tennis!

We are sad to say goodbye to Timothée who is heading home. We had a great two weeks with them and hope to see them back next summer!

How Rangers!

-Isaac, Colin, Ben W., and Ben C.

Bear Cabin Blog

Bear Cabin is off to a swimming start! Hayden Lucas learned how to save someone in the first two days in diving and Rescue! Nikki and Liam carved it out on the boats cruising on the water skis for 5 minutes in and out of the wakes. Ege was all over beach volleyball and received a ribbon for his efforts! Marius enjoyed wake surfing once again and ripped it on the wake for two whole minutes! Jack enjoyed his hiking trip to the top of St. Regis Mountain. While wakeboarding, Keegan nailed his pop shuv-it. Corbin was stoked to be back at camp and enjoy its beautiful serenity. Their Cabin Night was an overall highlight as the cabin enjoyed a campfire with card games and good stories!

We are sad to say goodbye to Liam, Ege, and Corbin who are heading home. We had a great two weeks with them and hope to see them back next summer!

How Bear cabin!

-Alex, Ciaràn, Ken, Malcolm

Buffalo Cabin Blog

Buffalo has had an awesome week! For Cabin Night, they did some grilling with ribs, burgers, and hotdogs! Daniel S. got up on a wakeboard and Zach is obsessed with wake surfing. Palmer has been carving wakes at wake surfing and Luke got his surface 180 in wakeboarding. Daniel has been enjoying cabin life. Len has been very stoked to catch up with his old friends and is enjoying making new ones. Collin has also been having fun in the cabin and playing soccer! Sebastian had a blast at Blue/White dodgeball. Dima has been enjoying polar bear most every morning. Peter had a great time on the recent rock-climbing trip. Georgy has been having a blast at archery shooting for dog tags. Malcolm has been having a great time at fishing. Cole had a great week on the lake with canoeing!

We are sad to say goodbye to Palmer, and Dima who are heading home. We had a great two weeks with them and hope to see them back next summer!

How Buffalo!

-Will, Chandler, Max, and Scrappy

Moose Cabin Blog

Moose Cabin has had a very active week! Mana has really enjoyed all of the trips that he has been participating in. Bruno passed his silence test after multiple attempts! Both Matthew and Kellan are striving to teach the younger kids’ confidence in sailing. Owen has enjoyed making tasty treats in Culinary Fun. Lucien has been ecstatic to be back in the cabin with his buddies and to be back on the peninsula! Gabe has had a blast hanging out with his counselors in canoeing and learning new strokes. Parson is loving the arts and took mask making and culinary fun! Jaden and Ben have been excelling in fishing and have both caught more than a dozen fish! Dasha has been killing it in Jam session with his exceptional drum playing.

We are sad to say goodbye to Dasha who is heading home. We had a great two weeks with them and hope to see them back next summer!

How Moose Cabin!

-Tom, Micah and David

Jr/Intermediate Boys Cabin Blogs

by Chris

Monday, July 8th 2019 at 3:25pm

Gull Cabin Blog

Gull Cabin kicked off their first week with a bang! The boys were all excited to reunite as the entire cabin is made up of returning campers. Their first day at Camp started well as the boys managed to pull off a perfect score in inspection. The boys were all very proud of their efforts and were rewarded with an evening tubing on the lake! They loved being on the water and getting tossed off the tube a couple of times.

Due to Gull Cabin’s spirit, the dining hall has been full of Gull’s chants and songs at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The boys have rallied other campers and cabins in singing as loud as they can and enjoying each other’s company!

On Saturday night, Gull Cabin participated in the weekend dance where the boys pulled off some thrilling dance moves in front of each other, resulting in some good cabin bonding and lots of fun. The weekend routine continued as the boys participated in activities such as Magic the Gathering, borg ball, frisbee, basketball, and soccer; and they gave each game their best shot!

We are encouraging the boys to be role models not just in their cabin, but on the whole line and throughout their activities at Camp. The boys have already shown that they can achieve anything that they put their minds to.

Gull Cabin is ready for their next week at Adirondack Camp!


Eric, Korben, and Jake

Hawk Cabin Blog

Hawk Cabin started their summer off well! All twelve campers arrived to meet familiar and new faces for the first time. The first night at Camp for Hawk Cabin featured a game of dodge ball verse the younger Owl Cabin. The Hawk boys managed to pull off a victory in a well-played match!

As the week went on, Hawk Cabin involved themselves in a variety of activities that included windsurfing, waterskiing, soccer, rock climbing, and kayaking. The boys have applied themselves well throughout their activities and have already begun to achieve goals they have set here at Camp.

The boys have started to bond well with each other, forming friendships that can last a lifetime. On Wednesday night Hawk Cabin participated in Blue/White dodge ball, where both teams pushed themselves to the limits. It was an awesome game to watch!

Hawk Cabin has also come up with their own motto, “class, but expected.” This means that it is expected that the boys show they are role models to everyone not only in their cabin but at Camp.

We are sad to say goodbye to Grant, Eyal, and Alex who are heading home this weekend. We had a great two weeks with them and hope to see them back next summer! The rest of the Hawk Cabin boys are eager to take on the next week at Adirondack Camp.

Nathan, Fran, and Greg

Heron Cabin Blogs

Heron Cabin has had a great start to their summer! All eight campers started to gel and form new friendships as soon as they were dropped off by their parents.

On Monday afternoon the campers played ice breaker games with their new counselors. That led to an awesome soccer match against Crow cabin. They had so much fun getting to work together as a team and run around for the night.

Throughout the week Heron Cabin took on any activity that came their way — fishing, basketball, water skills, wakeboarding, tennis, rock climbing, volleyball, and of course… soccer. The Heron boys then showed off their dodge ball skills in a thrilling game of Blue/White dodge ball. Eventually, White team managed to pull it out of the hat and win the series decider.

We are sad to see Miller, Fletcher, and Peter head home this weekend. We had an awesome two weeks with them and hope to see them back again next summer!

The rest of Heron Cabin will be looking forward to next week’s activities and daily life at ADK with full hearts and a desire to take on anything that comes their way!


Chris, Ryan and Marshall

Crow Cabin Blog

Crow cabin strolled into Camp with parents, friendships and big smiles! Friends were reunited and many new friendships formed very quickly. Crow played a fantastic game of soccer against the younger Heron Cabin. Crow Cabin was victorious; and more importantly this was the beginning of new friendships.

The returning campers in the cabin have been awesome helping new campers’ transition to camp life. They have learned a lot from each other, which was great to see! This led to high inspection scores which lifted the spirit of the boys every morning.

Crow has a special sign in the cabin that says, “play like a champion today”. We explained to the boys that if they touched the sign, they would have a really good day and “play like a champion.” The boys were super motivated by this and worked hard participating throughout Camp. They gave everything their best go in activities such as water skills, SUP, soccer, and water skiing.

We are sad to see Adam, Finn, and Benjamin head home this weekend! We have had so much fun with them and hope to see them again next year!

The rest of the Crow Cabin campers are looking forward to the week ahead!


Max, Dominik, and Lachie

Owl Cabin Blog

Owl Cabin counselors were excited to welcome their campers as new and old faces arrived. For the first night of camp Owl played an exciting game of dodgeball. They worked hard as a team and showed great communication skills!

The boys have done a great job getting involved in all sorts of activities, including sailing, archery, canoeing, soccer, and water skills. They have developed new skills and made new friends along the way.

On Wednesday night the campers played a huge game of Capture the Flag with the rest of the Junior/Intermediate Boys’ line. The boys ran around all night, putting all their effort into their teams.

The counselors have put up fairy lights, which give off a cool glow in the cabin that the boys love. Magic the Gathering is a huge part of Owl Cabin’s daily routine, especially at rest hour. It is a great way for the boys to spend some quality time together.

We are sad to see some of our friends leave this weekend! Kinoti, Liam, and Alex are heading home and they will be greatly missed. We hope to see you back next summer! The rest of Owl Cabin is certainly looking forward to next week at Camp and to moving forward together as a cabin!


Henry, Charles, and Tom

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