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Archives for April, 2020

ADK, I Miss You

by Chris

Tuesday, April 28th 2020 at 2:45pm

ADK, I Miss You

By Malek Allari

“I am sitting down, right now,
Claiming the memories and emotions when I was with you,
I felt happy and free,
And now I am prisoned in my thoughts,
I remember the sound of your waters outside my cabin,

I remember the sound of birds singing their morning song,
I woke up every day with a smile on my face,
Knowing that your soul is still alive,
I remember the smooth touch of your grass on my skin,

I remember the cold water engulfing my body,
I remember the times you had to comfort us with your rain after a sunny day,

Adirondack, you grew up to be my home,
Now, I am longing to feel your comfort and presence fill me with happiness,
I lost track of time when I was with you, and that made me happy,
I remember sitting on a SUP board and watch the sun dive into your waters,

You will always be in my heart, Adirondack,
For I became one of your warriors,
I am proud of what had become of you,
Became the home of thousands of children,
I miss you, for I never had the time to say goodbye,
I miss you, for I never had enough of you,
I will remember you,
For you changed my life for the better."

Culinary Fun Chopped Challenge

by Chris

Monday, April 27th 2020 at 7:36pm

Culinary Fun Chopped Challenge

Do you miss whipping up delicious, healthy recipes and learning how to be a top chef in our Lakeview kitchen? Wish you could sign up for Culinary fun this week?

Try the Chopped Challenge!

With an adult’s permission and without leaving your home, have someone in your household choose four ingredients. Then let your creativity shine as you prepare a never-before-eaten recipe!

Want to share your creation with the ADK family? Post a picture of your dish as an Instagram story and tag us @adirondackcamp

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