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This will be Ciaran’s third summer at camp. For the last two summers, he has been the biggest basketball nerd at camp and loved every moment of it. He has taught Athletics for two summers now and is as excited as ever to get back at it. Ciaran just emigrated from Ireland to New York last February but has found it be everything he hoped it would be and more. Ciaran feels he can use this experience of moving across the world and leaving home to make everyone feel like he does, that this is his second home. Ciaran has spent his time since camp ended last summer working in Camp as an office assistant and on the maintenance team when it was needed and as a result, has gotten to have a completely different look on camp. This has allowed him to see how much work goes into camp even during the offseason and has managed to fall more in love with the peninsula than ever before. Ciaran can’t wait for camp to start again and is counting down the days until he gets to see everyone again. Tree v Tree will return.