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Jessy is returning as camp videographer for her second summer at Adirondack in 2019. From Auckland, New Zealand, Jessy graduated from the University of Auckland in 2017 with a BA in Sociology and Film and Television and from SAE Institute Auckland with a Diploma in Filmmaking the same year.

Jessy’s first summer at camp was amazing, she fell in love with Adirondack, both the people and the place. Being the videographer meant she was able to fully immerse herself in every activity available at camp so she had an incredibly unique experience. She ended the summer receiving an award for “Outstanding First Year Staff”, finishing off camp on a high.

Outside of camp, Jessy loves playing soccer in the winter and summer, traveling both within New Zealand and overseas- being able to see various different cities, people and natural environments are so rewarding. She also makes YouTube videos of her own in her spare time and is passionate about meditation, cats and the environment.

Jessy will be 23 when she returns in 2019 and can’t wait to make a whole bunch of new memories and videos!